12 Days Of Giftmas – Sur La Table Edition

Another favorite shopping destination for me year round is Sur La Table and I’m blessed to have not one but two stores near me – both in King of Prussia, PA and in Marlton, NJ. Both have full kitchens for teaching classes (which I know, I know – I have YET to take one – I’m failing that part of my 2012 Culinary Goals) and, when I get in my DIY/Canning moods, I head to SLT to pick up supplies. Let me tell you – while I adore having both of my favorite cooking stores nearby, my wallet tends to get a bit angry with me.

I needed some baking supplies the other day and I knew Sur La Table would have them at the ready – some Tahitian Vanilla, a bit of whole nutmeg (hey – Whole Foods – you know you can stock more than just ground nutmeg ya know!), some peppermint extract – all vital necessities for this season. Well, that and a “Will Cook For Shoes” towel that was perfect for my kitchen. Add to that a bunch of fabulous items that are perfect for a cook’s kitchen and, well, let’s just get to my favorite finds for the holidays, shall we?

12 Days of Giftmas - Sur La Table Edition - 2012

12 Days of Giftmas – Sur La Table Edition – 2012

1. Now this Pressure Cooker from All Clad caught my eye right away. Yes, I know – I said it – Pressure Cooker. Confession: pressure cooking scares the livin’ daylights out of me. I have a stovetop one that I’m afraid I’m going to blow up my kitchen with (total irrational culinary fear here) but this standalone pressure cooker has great reviews and basically would hold my hand through the whole process. I’m sure much like my much adored All Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker, this one would be used often in my household and last a lifetime.

2. Check out this Two For One Pan from Le Creuset – essentially, it’s a dutch oven with a cover that doubles as a fry pan. Talk about a double duty item – especially when you are tight on space (or, in my case, have way too many pans in the bottom cabinet).

3. Have friends that love fondue but don’t want to spend a fortune at that big chain fondue resto? Why not gift them with a great bottle of wine and this Fondue Gift Set. Your friends will love it!

4. I saw this at Sur La Table over the weekend and had to do a doubletake – OXO has released their must have salad spinner in a brushed steel color. Talk about chic!

5. How festive is this “Get Your Jingle On” wine glass? They also have a couple others that are adorable – “I Believe I Will Have Another Drink” and Bottom’s Up“.  I can think of a few people who would adore sipping a glass of red from those.

6. My whisk holder is full of various whisks but I only have one silicone whisk and have been on the hunt for a new one. Nothing like making a batter only to have it gunk up and drive you batty to clean the metal. Plus, I don’t like using metal whisks in some of my pots as they can scratch. This Better Batter whisk has been on my radar for a spell and I think the time has come to add it to the kitchen toolbox.

7. One of the best tools in my kitchen is my cordless immersion blender. I can’t tell you how many times I have adored not having a cord to get in the way because I can be quite the kitchen clutz when the counters are full. Cusinart has a cordless immersion blender that is a great buy and will pay for itself time and time again. Think about it – do you really want to put hot soup in a blender or just whir away in the pot.

Added bonus – a great cooking class is a fabulous gift and you can always find what’s on the Sur La Table Class Calendar here.

Anything from Sur La Table catch your eye?


12 Days of Giftmas


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