To Mattone or Not Mattone: Brick Chicken Made Easy…

Lately, I’ve seen more focus on rustic cooking and one dish from Italy that has my attention is “Brick Chicken” – that is chicken roasted under a brick rendering the skin crispy while the meat is succulent and moist.  Tyler Florence spotlighted it the other day on Tyler’s Ultimate, however, as I’m allergic to all things Home Depot (want to send me on a panic attack – send me there.  Trust – I walk in and walk out ASAP.  Too much for me to handle), buying a brick is just not going to happen.   However, a mattone is kind of a unitasker.  To buy or not to buy was the question. 

About a year or so ago while in Philly, I saw the Mattone in Sur La Table.  I desperately wanted to try it but I put it back.  On a couple return trips, I would fondle but put it back not only for the unitasker issue but also because it was so heavy it would send my luggage into overdrive. 




Recently, while perusing Williams Sonoma’s latest offerings, I noticed that they too had a Mattone


Williams Sonoma Mattone


And, finally – NapaStyle has a Mattone in my favorite color – teal.

Napa Style - Mattone

You know what I always say – if something crosses your path repeatedly, pay attention.  Well, guess what – I’m listening…

Gift Idea: NapaStyle’s Panini Grill

If you don’t have a Panini Grill, seriously – what are you waiting for. You can do soooo much on there besides just the standard panini. Just think George Foreman grill, but better, ya know?

Anywhoo – during the holidays, I’m going to spotlight one great foodie gift per day for that culinary diva (or divo) on your shopping list (or you – you must gift yourself during the holiday season too – it’s in the holiday rulebook!)

Spotlight today – Napastyle’s Panini Grill. I get the Napastyle catalog and I mull through it page by page, wishing I had endless funds to entertain because, when it comes to class and style, seriously – Michael Chiarello has it. And he’s spotlighting a deal of the day starting off today with this Panini Grill. When it comes to NapaStyle, you know it’s quality. This guy is no joke and he’s not going to be like certain peeps who just slap their name on something to get that endorsement check. He sells it in his stores, uses it in his kitchen and stands behind his products that he sells.

I have a panini grill and, in the interest of full disclosure, I spent a pretty penny on it. However, if I saw this deal and I needed a grill – you know I’d be purchasing that so quick my head would spin. $78 to $38.

Happy Shopping!

Deal Alert: Ruffoni Copper On Sale

This morning, in my inbox was an email from Michael Chiarello’s NapaStyle saying that it’s time for some Spring Cleaning and they took 50% off their clearance prices. Of course, you know I adore ANYTHING that’s copper, especially Ruffoni pots.

Check out this Ruffoni Risotto Pan marked down from $246 to $86.99. Yes, you read that right. For something that will last you a lifetime, this is a gorgeous addition to your kitchen

If I didn’t have my Polenta pot already, I’d be snatching this up in a heartbeat – the Ruffoni Polenta Pot at $56.99

Check out the entire clearance dept. on sale HERE.

Happy Shopping.
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