Fab Friday – Let’s Get Organized Edition

You ever have one of those weeks and think “My heavens I need to get organized!”

Well – that was me earlier this week.  Long story short – my kitchen cabinets & pantry need an overhaul, my fridge needs a system now that the SousPug has changed diets yet again (he doesn’t like chicken – in any shape way or form) and, after purchasing something that I already had a copy of – well, I just basically gave myself a Gibbs smack and said enough is enough!

So – for the remainder of August and the month of September, this gal is on “Project Organize” because if there is chaos around me, it affects everything and I get a bit cranky. Not to mention fall fashion is starting to arrive and I need to see what I have before I build on my wardrobe. Obviously, a whole weekend to do this would be optimal but I have to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Plus, I’m more productive with a written to-do list. What can I say – I have need to channel my inner Emily Thorne and cross things off with a red sharpie.

So – here are a few things that I love and a few things that I will be getting to put Project Organize into play.

Fab Friday - Lets Get Organized Edition

1. Before I organize, I need to look at pretty shoes, right? A gal needs a goal and my goal is if I get everything where it needs to be, this gal will be getting these lovely MICHAEL Michael Kors “Brena” booties this fall.

2. Now – organizing the stiletto arsenal is quite the task but, after seeing this Rolling Shoe Rack, I knew it’s a must. Sometimes you need to see the stilettos you have because once they go into the depths of the closet – you might forget that you have 3 pairs of black booties – granted they may be suede, patent and leather (not that I’d know anything about a mix-up like that *cough*). Currently it’s on sale at the Container Store but you can also find it at Crate and Barrel too.

3. My kitchen space is a bit “wonky” shall we say. I honestly don’t think that the French Marble Kitchen Island will fit adequately in there without half being on the rug in the dining room, the other in the kitchen so I needed to find something that was smaller and the SousPug wouldn’t necessarily walk into. This Origami Folding Kitchen Cart is amazing! It’s well made, the butcher block top is sturdy and it folds like a dream! One of my favorite purchases this year so far – I don’t know why I didn’t get it sooner.

4. Last week, my gal Sunny was rockin’ her stilettos on QVC’s In The Kitchen with David. While I was watching to see her debut her new cookbook, David started spotlighting some things that had my wallet saying “NO NO NO” like a teal Vitamix (you know I love me some teal) and a fabulous oven to table set but when he showed this FoodSaver Set, I got to thinking about how much stuff goes to waste in my freezer. See – the SousPug’s vet had him on a chicken for his main protein so we stocked up but, inevitably, it would get freezer burn even if I triple wrapped it in plastic bags and squished the air out. And – if it’s freezer burnt – he won’t eat a morsel of it (yes – he’s that finicky – don’t even get me started on the cottage cheese story). That’s money down the drain. In talking to a few friends, they all mentioned how much the FoodSaver saved them. QVC is running a great deal right now – you might want to snatch one up for yourself before it sells out.

5. One of the smartest things I did was transition my pantry from various odd shaped containers to a uniform set of containers and I highly recommend are these OXO Pop Containers. I have everything from beans to baking supplies to pasta stored in these and there is less chance of being surprised by “friends” that are in the paper of the boxes from the grocery store – if you get my drift. Plus – when everything fits like a puzzle, there’s less chance of things raining down on your head as you open the door – not that it has ever happened to me *cough*. (Boy I must really need a cough drop or somethin’ – or I’m just in dire need to organize)

6. These Chalkboard Sticker Labels will be so cute in my pantry on those OXO Containers, don’t you think?

7. While we are on the subject of pantries, I have to tell you about this cookbook – The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook: Make Your Own Condiments and Essentials – Tastier, Healthier, Fresh Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard, Peanut Butter, Salad Dressing, Chicken Stock, Chips and Dips, and More!  The publisher was kind enough to send me a copy to play with and I have to tell you – there are some amazing things that I can’t wait to make like Homemade Wine Vinegar, Thousand Island Dressing (my great grandma used to make it all the time from scratch), Triple Citrus Curd and Authentic Dijon Mustard. You know – this is really going to be a delicious project after all!

What’s your favorite organizing tip for the kitchen or pantry?


[FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate and/or referral links which help offset the cost of hosting this site.   In addition, the cookbook was provided by the publisher.  However, as always, my opinions are 100% my own and you know my rule – if I don’t love it and swear by it – I won’t recommend it!]

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    Aieee, Aly I feel your pain. I’ve had a crazy week too. I’ve been stalking those OXO containers at Marshalls and TJMaxx for weeks. They are perfect for organizing kitchen.
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