Fab Friday ~ Pastels and Neons With A Dash of Rustic

What’s that saying ~ Everything Old is New Again? That applies to not only fashion but also to the home. With all that I’m seeing in the stores, if I just saved some of my neon and pastels from back in the day, I would be right on trend (at least shoe & accessory wise *LOL*). So, with this holiday weekend, I figured I’d give you a little eye-candy that might have you do a little virtual retail therapy.

Cooking in Stilettos: Fab Friday ~ Pastels and Neons With A Dash of Rustic

1. Sergio Rossi is one of those designers I would LOVE to have in my shoe arsenal and, if I had to pick the perfect shoe, it would be these Hot Pink Snakeskin Peeptoes that I would rock year round.  They remind me of my Louboutins (which are severely neglected.  Daggone sneakers!)

2. Another fashion must for spring is pastels and one of my fave jewelry companies, t+j designs, has some seriously rockin’ jewelry that will be the perfect accent to any ensemble.  Check out this Mint Jeweled Necklace that brings pastels to the forefront. Mint is THE color this season and I’m definitely ordering this lovely (along with a few other pieces that are just stunning).  I may be sans stilettos for a hot minute but I can still rock the jewels.

3. I guess every gal has her faves and, after this year, I think y’all pretty much know I’m obsessed with all things Kate Spade. I don’t know why – but since I got my first lovely from them this year, it’s become a slight obsession. Now, I’ll spare you the “chat” I had with one of the gals in the Kate Spade Outlet in Orlando (note to salespeople – KNOW YOUR LINE AND DON’T BS A CUSTOMER! A Maryanne is a Maryanne ~ period and don’t get me started with attitude – ugh! Poor SL just backed away slowly during that convo) but most of my experiences with Kate Spade have been lovely. The items are quality, the look is classic and it will last you a lifetime. The same goes for their tabletop collection and their Madeira Court Collection is perfect for spring and reminds me of the linens that I recently spotlighted. Pricey yes, but this is fine china after all.  To quote Colin Cowie:  “Use the good stuff!”

4. When I was shopping recently, I happened to wander into Pottery Barn. One of their tabletops caught my eye and I just had to take a peek at these rustic Mason Jar mugs.  They immediately went home and found a place in my cabinet.

5. Another thing that is just beyond adorable – this Ceramic Nested Funnel Trio. I have a project that I’m dyin’ to do that involves a new cookbook I found at Nordstroms while doing a little retail therapy and these funnels would come in handy.

6. These Chalkboard Spice Jars would keep the sunlight out of the spices all while lending a bit of “za za zu” to your spice cabinet. Yes, I know – it’s a tad pricey at $10.00 per jar but they are cute to look at and they do hold a full cup. Make sure to check the lids tho – some of the reviews pointed out that the lids don’t fully seal on some.

7. The Zest Pitcher and Margarita glasses from Crate and Barrel are definitely spotlighting the Neon Trend.

8. I know this isn’t a cookbook but if you have a food blog (and I really think a good majority of you do), you need to read Food Blogging For Dummies. During Food Blog Orlando, the author, Kelly Senyei of JustATaste.com spoke about all the hard work that went into it and I knew it needed to be on my reference shelf next to my copy of Will Write for Food. Last week, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this in my mailbox because Amazon shipped out the pre-orders ahead of time and it has not left my hot little hand since I got it.  It’s chock full of info including photography, SEO, monetization, styling, etc.  In my opinion, the book alone is worth a fortune just for the legal section. To quote Kelly, this book is really “the soup to nuts of food blogging.”    Food Blogging For Dummies is scheduled for release on April 17, 2012 but if you happen to see a copy, PICK IT UP (or pre-order from Amazon). It’s worth every penny.   Many congrats to Kelly – well done!

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