Fab Friday – Thanksgiving 2012 Edition

Hard to believe that not only is Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK (seriously – start the panic mode now!), but it’s also Beaujolais season (and my happy behind is picking up a *couple* bottles for the weekend holidays.)  Shortly after is Black Friday/Cyber Monday but we’ll wait to talk about holiday shopping until AFTER the turkey is carved and the guests are sated shall we?

If you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving menu, you might want to give it a shot over the weekend because, as many know, the more prepped you are, the easier it will be in the long run. I know I’m kind of a “wait til last minute gal” and while I’m still marinating on a few dishes, I’m hopeful that, by Sunday, I’ll have a clearer plan on what’s on the menu and, of course, if I find some fabulous recipes, you know I’ll share. With the Sous Pug’s recent medical drama, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with researching all things diabetic dog related.

With this Fab Friday being so close to Thanksgiving, I decided on a more “holiday dinner” approach and found some lovelies that not only are perfect for the kitchen but also for the chef (because every fabulous stiletto chef needs some rockin’ footwear for dinner, right?).

Let’s do a little virtual shopping, shall we?

Fab Friday - Thanksgiving 2012 Edition

1. Dealing with cooking a holiday meal in stilettos with the Sous Pug and Evil Minx underfoot sometimes can be tricky. I have a confession – there are times I do cook in sneakers, slippers, flats or, my favorite, wedges. These Pour La Victoire Mai Wedges have been on my lust meter for a while now – excellent reviews, a fabulous pop of color and, as I’ve learned from the PLV shoes in my arsenal – will last for quite a while.

2. I have a roasting pan that I use “occasionally” but, quite frankly, while I loved in the beginning, the curved roasting rack in the center makes it a nightmare to clean. When watching Alex’s Day Off, I noticed that Chef Guarnaschelli used a roasting pan with a FLAT rack and I became obsessed. I started to google for the flat rack roasting pan, rewinding the DVR to see if I could notice any labeling and, sure enough, the lovely words ALL-CLAD were visible on the handles. It’s the All-Clad Stainless Flared Roaster and Williams Sonoma has it two sizes, perfect for your holiday table and will last you a lifetime.

3. One other way I might be able to combat the roasting rack issue could be with this Prepara Roasting Laurel. Imagine how good this could be for when roasting chicken, turkey, pork, etc. when you don’t always make a “veggie raft” to lift the meat up. Wonder if it could be a double duty gadget as a trivet or something… Hmmmm..

4. I don’t use my Emile Henry Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish as much as I should. It sits in my cabinet only to be broken out for the holidays. Do I attempt to make another pie crust – the jury is still out. I’m still recovering from the drama that was the Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie but, if I do make a pie, I will need to break out this lovely pie dish (and, possibly, pick up the corresponding Ruffled Silicone Pie Crust Shield). I’m also loving the mini pie dishes as well.

5. On my holiday shopping list – these Steamed Whole Chestnuts. My Bampa would roast and peel his own chestnuts for his chestnut dressing but, if he was still with us, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to try these Steamed Whole Chestnuts (as long as I didn’t show him the price tag – I can hear it now. “Aly – do you know how many [XYZ] this could buy?”) These chestnuts were fantastic last year in my Ciabatta Chestnut Stuffing that will be front and center on my holiday table.

6. One of the tips I will be implementing this year in cooking the turkey is to soak some cheesecloth in melted butter and draping that over the breast while it cooks. Chef Guarnaschelli showed that tip on a recent ep. of Alex’s Day Off and, I mean, it’s a turkey that self bastes in butter. How bad is that, right?

7. Home Made Winter has been a fabulous cookbook find for me. I love the whole DIY notion and when I heard that Yvette Van Boven had a recipe for her own version of one of my liquor cabinet staples, Baileys, well, you know I had to get the book. I think you know what I’ll be playing with this weekend. Her dessert section is amazing so I might not go the traditional pumpkin route for Thanksgiving – perhaps a Cranberry Claufoutis or, what about a Quinoa Apple Cake if my fear of pie crust has gotten the better of me? Tempt you to get this book yet?

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? What’s the one kitchen tool that you must have to prep a fantastic holiday meal?

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