Fab Friday – Weekend Chill Edition

According to weather predictions, a major chill is supposed to hit Philly this weekend and it’s going to be a bit frosty – well, until Sunday when its supposed to hit 70°. Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath because I’m starting to think predicting the weather is like predicting the lottery. The Philly weather peeps have been way off base recently so while they may say chilly, I will compromise and break out the slow cooker but leave the gloves and scarves in the hall closet.

Next week is a big week with a giveaway, Chef Michael Symon’s coming to town and some serious sandwich action going on with some more deliciousness coming up for y’all. Add to that a recipe redo that you are going to adore and y’all better bring your appetites! With the recent changes with Feedburner, I don’t want you to miss any of it so if you can, subscribe via RSS or you can sign up via email at that little “shoe” box to the right—–>.

So – let’s get to {virtual} shopping shall we?

Fab Friday - Weekend Chill Edition

1. I never thought I’d ever covet an UGG (yes, Meowmix you read that right UGG!), but these UGG Austrailia Cosima Boots are gorgeous. For the cozy factor, I actually like their Bomber Boot – perfect for walking the SousPug during the cold mornings.

2. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nigella stock pot and I’ve had it since I began my culinary adventures, but this Ruffoni Copper Stock Pot with the artichoke handle would look lovely in the kitchen! I swear – you show me anything copper or teal for the kitchen and I’m already working out a mental CPU* in my head.

3. Y’all know about my struggles with making coffee and how my coffee tastes worse than something you would get at the local PD or courthouse – it’s THAT bad. I’ve tried everything imaginable and even applied SL’s method and it still came out like swill. Weekends normally mean a trip up to the local Dunkin’ to grab a coffee for me rather than even attempt to make my own and, in thinking about the upcoming winter (which – according to the Farmer’s Almanac might not be too pretty), I happened to come across a fabulous deal on a Keurig Vue with a mail in rebate, cash back and lots of coffee to play with. Even better – I can make ice coffee in it (shush Meowmix – I’m aware Coffee + Ice = Ice Coffee). To quote the Godfather, QVC made me an offer I couldn’t refuse (which has now officially sold out).  With the CPU factor, I think my wallet might be pleased with the end result.

4. Halloween’s only a couple weeks away – are you prepared? While trick or treaters are rare around the complex, I was thinking of making some fabu treats for my neighbors. How adorable is this Williams-Sonoma Halloween Decorating Kit. Cupcakes anyone?

5. Speaking of adorable, I’m also going to need to pick up a jar or two of their Halloween candies. Look at that packaging!

6. And since I’m picking up Halloween decorations, while I’m there, I might as well pick up a couple jars of their Apple Orange Cranberry Relish. Besides their butternut squash puree, this is a staple in my pantry. I tend to stock up for the winter. Nothing like a fabulous turkey sandwich with a bit of this spread on some sourdough.

7. I can’t stress this enough – Candice Kumai’s latest cookbook, Cook Yourself Sexy: Easy Delicious Recipes for the Hottest, Most Confident You is a must have!  I not only adored her recipe for pumpkin spice granola, but her butternut squash mac ‘n cheese is on the menu for this weekend. I mean, mac n cheese AND butternut squash and it won’t kill your waistline?  Now do you see my reasoning on why every gal needs a copy of this on their cookbook shelf?

Ok – Keurig Lovers – any tips that you care to share?

*CPU – Cost Per Use

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