HUNGRY For Latkes – Check Out A New Take On A Classic

Did you know that there was a HUNGRY channel on YouTube?

Seriously – I’m not kidding – there’s actually a channel called HUNGRY.   Even better – the man at the helm of it is from Food Network – Bruce Seidel.  I got wind of the launch of HUNGRY some time ago but finally had a chance to really “dive” in and oh my heavens – there’s some seriously fabulous content on there but, then again, I’m not surprised with Bruce at the helm.

While perusing the plethora of offerings, I was super stoked to see Single Serving BytesManouschka Guerrier adding a bit of sparkle to the Hanukkah season with her take on Latkes – specifically a Latke Eggs Benedict served with – wait for it – wait for it – a Mazel Tov Martini.  Absolutely brilliant – and, of course, she was rockin’ the Louboutins.


Manouschka Rocks The Louboutins on the Lakes and Martini set.

Check out this video and give her recipe a spin this holiday season.


[Behind the Scenes pic courtesy of Manouschka Guerrier]

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