My 2010 Culinary Goals…

The other day on FoodBuzz, I was asked “Lys, how did you fare on your 2009 Culinary Goals?”   Well, I’m happy to say that I did better than expected.  I didn’t take that culinary class that I wanted (but will be taking them here in Philly).  I attended SOBE which was a blast.  Wish I could go this year but with the move, it’s going to be a stretch.  I moved Cooking In Stilettos over to WordPress which has been quite the learning experience!  I obtained some “Good China & Glassware” with some Simon Pearce and Vetri additions – love love love them.  Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia must be quite sick of me hovering over the Loubous and the Simon Pearce.  I have not learned how to make fresh pasta nor dog food for the pug, but there is always 2010.  All in all, I’m pretty pleased.

Now, in 2010, I’ve done some thinking and here’s a list of goals that I’m striving to achieve for this year.

First up, Diana over at The Chic Life has organized the “Eat In Month Challenge” and I’m going to attempt it – 31 days of cooking EVERYTHING at home – with one free pass to go out to a restaurant.  Granted my wallet is doing the happy dance at the moment and dreaming of a new pair of Loubous, but I am terrified.  Me – cook EVERY DAY – oy vey!  This should be interesting.  If you want to attempt this with me, well, go sign up!

Secondly, I’m vowing to get more involved with meeting with other culinary aficionados here in Philly.  It is my new city and why should I not put down roots finally, right?

I’m also carrying over the 2009 Goals of learning how to make fresh pasta – which means a trip to Fantes in Center City to look into a pasta machine.  Perhaps there is a cooking class on making fresh pasta over at Fosters or Sur La Table.  I’m also going to take more cooking classes here in Philly – and I might even look into Culinary School – I’m still on the fence with that idea though.

I’m also making a point to go to Reading Terminal Market – and soon.  Can you believe I have NEVER been there, even though I have been coming to Philly for over 20 years.

Now re: the dog food for the pug, let’s settle for making fresh dog treats and call it a day.  The little monster finally has the right food which has not made him sick.  However, when it comes to treats – that dog is a bottomless pit sometimes.  So I figure if I make him some decent treats, he won’t be apt to (a) steal people food (yeah right!); (b) snack on things he shouldn’t; or (3) not leave milkbones everywhere.

I’m going to forgo SOBE this year I think and I’m looking into possibly attending the New York City Food & Wine Festival in October.  It looks interesting.  Speaking of New York, I’m also planning on a few trips to the city and hopefully will meet with friends, both new and old and explore the Chelsea Market and a few other foodie haunts (and Dean & Deluca – love them!) plus see that famous shoe department in Saks with its own zip code.  I am, after all, the Stiletto Wench, right?

Another goal is to get a new DLSR camera and take better photos – not with a point and shoot.  BR is advising me on the *right* camera so this should hopefully be a goal I can achieve soon.

Finally, another goal I’ve decided to attempt is to make more things from scratch – including baking.  I have noticed quite a bit of preservatives in things and I have learned that Jenn of the Leftover Queen is rather wise.  Things are much better you make them yourself.  However, the coffee thing will take way more work.

Now – I think that’s a good list to get started, don’t you.  What are your goals for 2010, both culinary and personal?

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