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This past month has kicked my butt in ways I didn’t even know could exist. Between all the medical drama with the Sous Pug, balancing the day to day with hospital visits, dog nutrition research (home cooked diet v. canned dog food), learning medical jargon, etc., I am wiped out. Shortly after the Sous Pug went home, he was rushed back to the hospital and had to undergo quite the surgery and had to stay there for basically another week to recover.

Officially the Sous Pug is home for good. However it’s a delicate balancing act between the morning feedings, the noontime check (and his midday snack), the evening feedings and don’t even get me started on the amount of medication I have to give him daily.   When it comes to meds, that pug is smart and I can’t hide it in a daggone thing. If he finds it, he spits it at me and it’s a 45 min. wrestling match to get him to swallow just one pill. Add to that an ever watchful eye, his constant need for attention, his temper tantrums, doctor appointments and turning my home into a quasi hospital suite, well then, cooking (for me at least) has not been a high priority.  I have, however, been cooking for him regularly as he’s not a fan of the new prescription dog food. This is a dog that adores spice and to remove that and leave him with bland chicken, hamburger and rice is heartbreaking. So, that has been my life for the past month and, quite frankly, I’m hoping this is the last month we will see with Wiggy’s pancreatitis and, if all goes well, they will remove his feeding tube. I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous Hickory Veterinary Hospital is – they essentially saved my little guy’s life. Their doctors, techs and staff are all top notch and I think that some treats have to be made for those wonderful people. Of course, Wiggy won’t be able to partake but, who knows, perhaps one day.

In other news, with all that is going on, I found a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mailbox this weekend that had me clickin’ my stilettos with glee – namely, my shiny new Blog Tag. I have become a tad obsessed with jewelry lately and when I found out that Courtney from Coco Cooks is also a fab jewelry designer, well I had to take a peek. And when I saw that she did blog tags, well you know I needed to have a Cooking In Stilettos blog tag to add to my jewelry collection in my favorite metal – copper.  Something bright and shiny to bring up the mood, right? She has some other stunning pieces and is so gifted when it comes to jewelry design so I know I will be adding some more Coco pieces to my collection.

If you would like a blog tag of your very own or some seriously chic pieces to add to your jewelry collection, check out Courtney’s jewelry site.


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