HUNGRY For Latkes – Check Out A New Take On A Classic

Did you know that there was a HUNGRY channel on YouTube?

Seriously – I’m not kidding – there’s actually a channel called HUNGRY.   Even better – the man at the helm of it is from Food Network – Bruce Seidel.  I got wind of the launch of HUNGRY some time ago but finally had a chance to really “dive” in and oh my heavens – there’s some seriously fabulous content on there but, then again, I’m not surprised with Bruce at the helm.

While perusing the plethora of offerings, I was super stoked to see Single Serving BytesManouschka Guerrier adding a bit of sparkle to the Hanukkah season with her take on Latkes – specifically a Latke Eggs Benedict served with – wait for it – wait for it – a Mazel Tov Martini.  Absolutely brilliant – and, of course, she was rockin’ the Louboutins.


Manouschka Rocks The Louboutins on the Lakes and Martini set.

Check out this video and give her recipe a spin this holiday season.


[Behind the Scenes pic courtesy of Manouschka Guerrier]

Reading In Stilettos: Clean Eating Magazine

For the past week or so, I have been looking high and low for the latest issue of Clean Eating Magazine. No matter where I went, I could not find it and we’re talking multiple stores throughout the Philadelphia area. Clean Eating is one of those magazines that I must get whenever it’s out. I could subscribe but sadly, I have a mailman that delivers magazines 2 weeks after they are released and, quite frankly, I’m not the most patient person so certain magazines I choose to buy after getting an issue only to find it in my mailbox weeks later. Why was I so determined to see it you ask?


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Cooking ‘Round The Web – Week Ending Nov. 6th

What a crazy November it’s been so far, and it’s only the end of the first week. Here are a few posts that got my attention and I wanted to share with y’all while I was catching up on my Blog Reader.

One of my fave people on Twitter is @StilettoChef aka Candice Kumai from, you guessed it, Anywhoo, her blog is fab, but even better was this great article that she wrote, Pantry Staples: What To Keep On Hand After Life With Mom, is something I wish I had when I first embarked on my culinary adventures. Moms, please bookmark and give to your kids when they get ready to leave the nest – you will be their culinary hero!

Our gal, Manouschka from SingleServingBytes/Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills not only interviewed Cooking Channel’s rockin’ Nadia G from Bitchin’ Kitchen but also is the Bitchin’ Babe over at Nadia’s site, Bitchin’

Cooking With Amy did a great interview with one of my fave food writers, Dianne Jacob ( on “Why Do YOU Cook, Dianne Jacob?”

Lesli from And Her Little Dog Too did a fabulous write-up on the Philadelphia Food & Wine Festival and her pics – love love love! I went the day prior with Jen from One Curly Fry In A Box Of The Regular and let’s just say there was so much to do and see, one day isn’t enough, imo!

Speaking of Jen @ One Curly Fry In A Box Of The Regular, she just embarked on an Intermediate Pastry Arts course at Philadelphia’s Restaurant School and you have got to bookmark her blog to see how the course goes.  This week: Breads.

Butter My Kitchen had an amazing “Tip for a Day” that I have implemented immediately in my kitchen. God knows, as a recovering entertainment publicist, there is no shortage of Sharpies in my house (hello – do you know how many sharpies one has to bring to a gig “just in case” the fans walk off with them, the artists use them as “chew toys”, etc. – seriously, Staples and I were BFF for a while).

Jewels From The Roving Stove is spotlighting “A Course In Weight Loss – What Have You Got To Lose?” and the comments on this post are a MUST READ!

Some FABULOUS pumpkin recipes that I have bookmarked for future experimentation:

And because every gal needs a little chocolate to round out the week:

  • Sugar Plum’s Deep Chocolate Pudding

What were some of your favorite food blog posts this week – tell us in the comments!

Fab Monday – Cooking In Stilettos Edition

Cooking In Stilettos - Fab Monday Edition - 10.11.10


What a week last week, and, by all appearances, this week is as jam-packed as not only are Tyler Florence and Bobby Flay in town, but one of my partners in crime, SL, is set to take Philly by storm on Friday while he visits from Orlando. Due to my rushing to the New York City Wine & Food Festival, I realized that I needed to move the usual “Fab Friday” to a “Fab Monday”… Here are a few little things that had me either clutching my pearls or trying to find a way to sell plasma to obtain…

1. Pour La Victoire’s Beca Bootie. This makes me reminisce about when I lived in Western Mass as a youngster.  It was my I believe 12th or 13th birthday and all I wanted was the KISS album that had my favorite track, “Tears Are Falling”.  What can I say, living in a town that loved their heavy metal took a toll on a gal.  However, this boot looks like a more modern take on the 80s slouch that will make you shake all night long.

2. All-Clad’s Food Mill.  Now, before you balk at the price, hear me out. Sure, you can buy a cheap food mill but I have to tell you – I went that route and it ended badly – soooo very badly. I am starting to realize that I’m going to have approach various kitchenware with the same logic that I apply to fashion – a CPU rationalization or, in basic terms, cost per use. See, when I buy those pricey stilettos, I wear the living daylights out of them and they can transition through seasons. If they were just trendy, heck, I’d pick up the cheap stuff – that way I get the most bang for my buck, right? Same with this – the more expensive items I use often and they LAST! Heck, I’ve had my Global knives for what – 5 years or so now – and they are as sharp as the day I bought them. My Le Creuset has stood the test of time and don’t even get me started re: some of my other kitchen faves. Now I just have to decide “New Le Creuset or Food Mill“… Hmmm…

3. Jacques Torres Chocolate – First of all, can I say that this place is all that and then some! I went to their Chelsea Market location on Saturday to see what the hype was all about. Let’s just say on Sunday, I went back. Their Wicked Hot Chocolate is definitely wicked and all it needed was a nice shot of tequila and I would have been a very happy gal. Secondly, their chocolates make the perfect gift. I picked up a box for family and also a few nibbles for my train ride home. Utter decadence!

4. Tyler Florence Family Meal: Bringing People Together Never Tasted Better. I dropped by Sur La Table today to see the one and only Tyler Florence. As I was super swamped at the NYCWFF, I didn’t have a chance to check out his demo nor attend his book-signing.  So, since he’s in my city today, it would only be right if I dropped by and said hello.  I have to tell you, he’s absolutely charming and is passionate about food!  While leafing through this cookbook, I made a mental note of a host of recipes that will be getting my attention this fall such as the bread and butter pickles, Tolan’s Glazed Turkey Meatloaf, Meyer Lemon Cupcakes and, of course, the Ultimate Beef Wellington. It takes a lot for a cookbook to impress me and this one hits the spot – love!

5. The return of PRIVATE CHEFS OF BEVERLY HILLSon the Food Network starting Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. You know I adore the crew from PCoBH, especially one of my fave stiletto divas, Manouschka, and from what I heard about this upcoming season, Season 2 is promising to be waybetter than the first. We’re talking demanding clients, fab celebs, as always, drama and the real star – the food that will have you channeling your inner Beverly Hills diva and tossing a soiree that will have the town talking. For some more info regarding the season, check out Manouschka’s blog at  I know my DVR is set!

Deal Alert: Rue La La Hosts Le Creuset Sale

Rue La La is one of those websites that I ALWAYS check on the daily – to see what sales they have and what sales are coming up.  Rue La La has the best prices and the best selection of many of the sample sale sites out there and there are quite a bit.  Prime Example – I just recently purchased a pair of killer Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos from Rue La La at over 50% off.  Their customer service is impeccable, the selection is to die for and – wait for it – they are hosting a LE CREUSET SALE tomorrow [Friday]. 

Now, you know I’ll be logging in at 11 a.m. to see what lovely Le Creuset beauties are available and, of course, texting Manouschka* to make sure that she’s in approval of the potential purchase.  Le Creuset can be pricey but WELL worth the investment.  I have pieces that I bought years ago that still look good as new and they are workhorses in the kitchen.  If my braiser could talk, lord the stories it would tell.  If you aren’t a member of Rue La La, why not mosey on over there and check it out – you won’t be sorry!

* Single Serving’s Manouschka has helped not only myself but quite a few other bloggers find elusive Le Creuset pieces that aren’t in your typical store (rose, lilac and other faboosh colors!).  Basically, I consider her to be one heck of a Le Creuset expert.  If you have a Le Creuset question, reach out to her – she might be able to help!