5 Tips For Baking The Perfect Cookies

In the mood to make cookies? Whether you’re an experienced cookie maker looking to polish up your baking skills, or you’re just getting ready to make your very first batch of cookies, we’ve got 5 tips to ensure you make them perfectly.

From solving sticky cookie dough all the way to the perfect baking time – we’ve made sure to cover all the top tips in this guide to ensure that you’ll be making perfect cookies in no time at all. You know what to do, just read on!

1. Make Sure Ingredients Are the Correct Temperature

As we’re sure you might already know, making sure that your ingredients have the correct temperature prior to using them in a recipe is essential, especially if you are going to be baking.

Generally, all ingredients should be at room temperature, as this will ensure all ingredients are easy to work with. But, to make sure that you are following your recipe perfectly, we recommend that you make sure to follow the specific temperatures listed in the recipe you are following, as temperatures can sometimes vary from baker to baker.

There are many cookie recipes out there, and all of the best cookie recipes out there will make sure to specify what the oven temperature should be for optimal baking as well as what the temperature of each ingredient being used should be for the best results.

2. Remember to Chill the Dough


This is another great tip that we have to share with you: remembering to chill the dough!  There’s so many benefits that you can gain from taking the time to chill your dough prior to baking it, including better texture and overall flavor.

It’s also worth noting that cookies made from chilled dough will retain their circular shape better when being baked and will turn a delicious, golden brown color.

Top Tip: For the best flavor and texture, try and chill your cookie dough for at least 30 minutes before you bake. This will also help to prevent sticking!

3. Stick To Baking Once Batch at a Time

While this might not always be possible if you are in a rush, if you happen to have the time to spare while in the kitchen we certainly recommend that you bake just one cookie batch at a time. By baking your cookies in this way, you will be able to focus on just one batch of cookies at a time, which will allow you to make any adjustments to your next batch if needed.

Along with this, baking your cookies just one batch at a time will also allow you to avoid overcrowding in the oven. This means that you will be able to place each batch in the central area of your oven which will allow for optimal airflow that will ensure all of your cookies are cooked evenly and perfectly.

If you are pinched for time and need to cook more than one batch, we recommend that you make sure to regularly rotate your baking sheets to make sure that all of the cookies will be baked evenly.

4. Make Sure Your Cookies Are the Same Size and Shape


As the old saying goes, “consistency is key” and it certainly applies to baking perfect cookies! By making sure that you are cutting each batch of cookies to have the same size and shape, you will be raising the chances of your cookies baking perfectly while they are in the oven.

As well as this, making sure that all of your cookies are the same size and shape will also help to lower the chances of inconsistencies throughout the batch. The last thing you want is to have cookies that are overbaked or too doughy in the middle.

5. Allow Baked Cookies to Cool

If you want to make sure that you are preparing perfect cookies time and time again, this next step is important! Immediately after you have finished baking your cookies, it’s very important that you allow the freshly baked cookies to cool for around 5 minutes before placing them on a cooling rack.

Why? Well, immediately after removing the cookies from the oven, they will continue to cook for a few minutes. Due to this, if you were to try and remove them from the baking sheet without letting them cool, they would fall apart and break.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve taken the time to read through our guide, we hope that you are feeling a lot more confident about making fresh, delicious and perfect cookies! Sure, even though baking cookies can be hard, by following the 5 tips that we have shared above, you’ll soon be making cookies that will rival the cookies you get from your favorite cafe. Bye for now!

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