5 Snacks approved by Dietitians for Long Rides

Have you ever been on a long ride and you wished you had enough snacks to eat? Well, it happens quite a lot of times. Long journeys might be boring and definitely, you would need some crunchy tastes in your mouth to make the ride interesting. This is exactly why you should take snacks recommended by dietitians.

In order that your body maintains enough energy to keep you through the long ride, you need a good source of energy and carbohydrates supplied though snacks. However, you must ensure that those snacks have been approved by dietitians to meet nutritional requirements. It is noteworthy that a long ride requires more than taking small stuff like banana or gel. No doubt, a very nutritious food pack will give you more strength for the journey than some junks.

It is very important to have more than enough snacks on you for a long journey rather than getting starved and weak. So, always bear in mind to stuff your pack with as many dietitians approved snacks as possible.

After having your hybrid bike on sale for travelling, you can have an awesome ride the next time with your snacks in your pack, says Here we present 5 snacks that you would love to have with you on your next long ride as they are approved by dietitians.

Trail Mix with Jerky

Trail mix with jerky is a perfect snack that suits nutritional requirements for long rides and adventures. On such journeys when you will be on the road all day cycling or hiking, you definitely need to have this snack to keep you going. At each stops on the way, you just have to enjoy your mixture of nuts, pretzels, dried fruits with good quality jerky. It is reported that jerky is a good source of protein and savory flavour.

Energy Bites

These granola bars rolled in small and easy-to-chew balls are important snacks to keep in your pack while going on a long ride. As much as there are many fast energy-burning snacks like oats, these energy bites contain caffeine which makes them more effective snacks that suit your health and nutrition.


This mix can serve as a perfect source of energy and oil for your body all through a long ride. All you have to do is mix oil which is a good source of fat with the egg which serves as a good source of protein. Pancakes, therefore, help both before the ride as well as a pocket snack during the long ride.

Rice Bars

This is a snack that is easily available and it is a good source of energy. You can as well mix with other ingredients to spice it up.


Solid nutrition is important while you go on a long ride and sandwiches are good sources. You can easily add jam or honey on your bread and you are good to go on your ride. Likewise, adding avocado or nut butter is another perfect alternative. A little amount of salt will also add flavour to the sandwich.