5 Best Kitchen Damascus Knives Stores in USA

Using handmade knives can be beneficial for you, especially when you are living in a mountainous region. These knives can help you perform well in your kitchen as well as outside it when you are hunting for some special herbs.

But the problem comes when you have to choose the right product from the online stores. It is because you will see hundreds of stores with thousands of knives listed there. If you have been fed up exploring multiple knife stores, you should read this blog.

Here we will highlight 5 best stores to pick Damascus knives in the USA. After reading this, you will be able to choose a reliable online outlet to order your knives and have an exceptional experience. Let’s get started and explore the following sections.

5 Best Damascus Knives Stores


With a single search on the internet, you will see a long list of Damascus knife stores in the USA. But it is not a wise decision to choose the one blindly as you may lose your money or get low-quality products. To keep you safe, we have listed the 5 best stores here with a brief overview to let you know why these are best.

1. White Hills Knives

On the first spot, we have ranked White Hills Knives for its quality products and affordable pricing. From this online knife store, you will be able to explore a wide collection of handmade Damascus knives. Additionally, the store provides extra quality when it comes to materials to make its products long-lasting.

If you are living in a hill station or somewhere near the woods, you will also find many additional products. For example, it enables you to buy axes, knives, and related accessories. The best thing about this online knife store is the reduced prices with extra quality.

These features make it better than many other stores on the internet. Last but not least, White Hills Knives enables its customers to explore and order its products comfortably because of its user-friendly interface.

2. Fusion Layers


Another good choice for you to pick handmade Damascus knives in the USA is Fusion Layers. The store has listed multiple products in its catalog that have exceptional designs with quality production. You can find a set of knives from this store instead of a single product.

In short, it allows you to grab knives of multiple sizes in a single package. You can also explore knives made with steel and related sturdy materials. The only drawback that pushed it to the second position was the higher pricing.

This knife store has a little bit higher prices as compared to the White Hills Knives. Abide by this, you can use its knives anywhere including the kitchen, herb collection, and others.

3. Dugite Knives

Whether you are looking for hunting knives or skinner knives, you will find your required product at Dugite Knives. It offers a complete package in terms of knives including handmade Damascus knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, and others.

Simply, you can say that it can be a one-stop shop for you when you are thinking of getting knives. In addition to this, you can also find the products with lower prices (under $99) from this store. The budget may not be a constraint for you when you are exploring this store.

The only issue that may be for some users is the list checking and product selection. You will find multiple products with almost the same features. It may be hard for you to choose the right product and make sure that it has the quality you are looking for.

4. Forseti Steel


Sometimes, it may not be possible to keep fixed-blade knives with you, especially when you are on a hunt. It is because you need something that takes less space and provides better outcomes. Forseti Steel is your required online knife store in the USA for Damascus knives with foldable blades.

You can choose its foldable knives to keep them in your pocket and use them whenever you want. Moreover, it has multiple other categories too including hunting knives, fixed blade knives, and related ones. So, you can easily explore the list and choose the knives you need for a specific task.

Moreover, you can also find a set of knives and take multiple ones in a single set. It will reduce the price and enable you to get multiple knives with the same design. But the major drawback of this online knife store is the restriction of single knife purchase from the set. You can’t find a single knife in any other catalog if it is listed in the knife set.

5. Damas-Knives

Another good choice for purchasing Damascus knives is the Damas-Knives. From this online store, you can purchase knives made by multiple well-known brands. It doesn’t let you go down regardless of the knife category you are looking for.

In its list, you can find multiple knives from Damascus knives to Hunting knives, Skinner knives to Kitchen knives, and many others. Simply, you will find every knife category in this store. Moreover, it lists only well-known brands that offer quality products.

Undoubtedly, it has famous brands on its list. But it makes purchasing hard for newbies because of their extensive prices. So, it is right to say that you will find your product from this store only if you are looking to use knives professionally.

Final Verdict


By reading this blog, we hope you have found the required store for the online purchase of Damascus knives. If you are still struggling with it, you should try White Hills Knives. We recommend this store because of its quality products and handmade guarantee.

Unlike other stores, it offers knives made by its professionals. Moreover, you will not need to pay a lot and can complete your purchase within your budget.

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