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Why You Should Invest In Premium Kitchen Knives

If you are like us and you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen you know how important it is to have good equipment in order for the cooking process to become a pure enjoyment. If you have everything set out and ready nothing will be a problem. Now, when it comes to kitchenware one of the most important pieces have to be knives. Knives are essential and you use them to cut, slice, chop, spread, and even smash in some cases. And without a good pair of knives for meat, fish, and vegetable cutting you will not be able to work as a real chef.

Although a regular pair of metal knives might do the work it is not anywhere close to ideal and you are putting your whole dish and yourself at risk. That is why you should make a premium set of knives your priority and don’t be afraid to make it your top kitchen investment – it will be worth it. If you want knives that feel nice in your hand, are sharp and durable than the premium kitchen knives are your go-to option. Let’s go ahead and take a look at why you should invest in these and what are the key factors to look at!

The Advantages Of Buying Premium Kitchen Knives

  1. First and foremost high-quality premium kitchen knives are sharp and durable. If you are using a blunt and a dull knife you will have to put more brute force in the preparation and this can result in two things – damaging the food (especially fine herbs) and you slowing down. On the other hand, if you are using an adequate and delicate knife the cutting board work will be pure.
  2. Along with that, it is much safer for you as well. A dull and a low-quality blade is not at balance and you can’t predict if it will maybe slip cutting you in the process. On the other hand, a premium kitchen knife is balanced and sharp and you have absolute control over it. Also, these knives feel much better in hand and this is especially important if you are in for hours of prep and cooking. Bear in mind that even though the knives are premium and of high-quality, you will still need some sharpening stones – for more information about this visit

  1. And last but not least along with premium kitchen knives you should make the whetstones your prior investment as well. Though manual sharpening is a process it will keep the life of your knives longer, and the stones are there to stay.

What Knives Are An Essential

  1. On our first place of the premium kitchen knives has to be the so-called Japanese knife (gyutou) or as Europeans would call it a chef knife. It is the one you will use the most whether you are cutting, slicing, smashing or dicing. Before investing in any more delicate knives this is the one that you must have.
  2. Along with that, having a paring knife by your side is a smart idea as well – it will work the best when there are some hard to reach points or you need to finely dice/chop an ingredient without damaging the cells.
  3. Last but not least has to be a slicing knife or as the Japanese chefs would call it yanagi. It is essential into slicing and filleting meat and fish and as it is thin you are able to make swift and precise strokes with it. And remember that a slicing knife has to be a top-notch one as your whole meat/fish dish depends on it!


Though some knife sets know to get expensive don’t be skimpy and invest in it. Few good knife pieces will make everything much easier and with the right sharpening stones, you are sure that these will last you quite a time!

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