The Unmissable Colombian Snacks for Every Foodie

The Columbian local cuisine has a lot to offer. Once you visit the place, you will be surprised to note the variety of snacks Colombians can offer you. Colombia has a long list of traditional snacks and each one tastes different.

Naturally, you may get a little confused while choosing your favorite Colombian snack by Colombian Bakery near me, 10151 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL 34761.

That’s why, the below list would help you to choose your perfect snack in Colombia by Orlando Bakery and Cafe.

The Unmissable Colombian Snacks for Every Foodie

1. Arepas


Arepas are the souls of Colombian food. These are one kind of corncakes and you would love them. Different types of arepas are there. Corn, butter, sugar, oil, cheese, milk, and more ingredients are needed to cook arepas.

For example – Arepa De Cholo, Arepa Paisa, or Arepa De Queso are popular in Colombia.

2. Pan de Bono

You may have eaten cheese bread. But Pan de bono is Colombian-style cheese bread. They look lovely and they taste truly delicious. Feta cheese, yuca flour, masarepa, and egg make these fluffy pieces of bread soft. Hence, it’s a must-have snack in Colombia.

3. Bocadillo


To put it simply, it’s a Spanish sandwich prepared with Spanish bread. But what makes it different is its guava jelly and panela stuffing. Moreover, you can have cheese, Roma tomatoes, and pork slices to make it a rich snack. So, if you are looking for a quick snack, then this one can satisfy you.

4. Bunuelos

These snacks are for the festive seasons. But you can also have them all round the year. These crispy and cheesy balls would surely win your heart, once you taste them. Cornstarch, cheese, eggs, milk and sugar make them yummy softballs. Try them and you won’t be able to forget.

5. Cocadas


Cocadas is one kind of candy. But it’s not just an ordinary one. Coconut and eggs make these candies one of the best treats in Colombia. Different types of flavors make Cocodas unique.

6. Mallorcas

These are sugary breads and they are one of the most popular Colombian snacks. The sweet breads look like coils and they have sugar-powder as their toppings. So, you would love them.

7. Empanadas

There are different types of Empanadas and each one has its own taste. The shape of these pastries is beautiful (crescent) and they have various types of fillings. Fish, chicken, beef, vegetable and more types of fillings could be there. However, they are truly addictive.

8. Aborrajado

Fried plantains filled with cheese are called – Aborrajados. It’s a traditional Colombian snack and you can also have them as dessert. Eggs, sugar and milk make them a healthy snack. Hence, you can try this snack.

9. Hot Dogs

Colombian hot dogs are different as they have many different types of sauces in them. Apart from that, crushed potatoes, onions, and cheese make these hot dogs a perfect snack for anybody.

10. Fruit and Fruit Juices

Colombia’s streets are filled with different types of nutritious fruits. You can have these fruits in a cup or you can have fruit juices. Either way, you will be enjoying a healthy bite.

Colombian bakeries can be your perfect destination to enjoy all types of Colombian snacks. Some Colombian bakeries are old and they serve you the traditional Colombian recipes. So, search for – the best Colombian bakery and savor the real Colombian snacks.

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