Gas Cooktop Is A Good Ally In The Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen can go smoothly if you already have a well-designed plan and know exactly what to do. Everyone who has recently decided to renew the kitchen has a wide selection of appliances, including ovens, refrigerators, and stoves. When you decide to change the space in which you prepare food, learn how to make a good cooktop choice.

The Most Common Cooktops Models

You can find a wide variety of different cooktop and stove models in stores, but before you decide to purchase a new appliance, find out how to make a good choice. There are various cooktop models in stores. Therefore, you can choose between gas or electric cast iron cookers. There are also induction panels that generate heat in metal containers through the electromagnetic field so that they do not heat themselves, and also a glass-ceramic cooktop that helps heat food by radiating heat.

How To Choose A Cooktop?

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To pick a place for cooking as soon as possible, it is good to know how to choose a stove or a cooktop. When you use gas burners, heat supply can be better regulated than it is the case with electric ones. The gas cooker can also be seen in professional kitchens. Professional cookers value gas cooktops for being easily and quickly controlled during the cooking process. In recent years, they are also increasingly represented in households as well.

Having a meal together is an important ritual that is worth preserving, but it is equally important to ensure that cooking for the whole family is completely safe. State-of-the-art solutions and new technologies used by modern devices protect all household members.

Maintenance And Saving Energy

Choosing the right cookware as well as the cooker can save on electricity bills and reduce energy loss. Gas burners must be cleaned regularly. To clean them properly, they must be removed from the stove each time. You must also take care to prevent nozzles from clogging by any dirt remover. After the flame loses its blue colour and becomes yellowish, some of the nozzles are most likely clogged.

Gas Cookers – Advantages And Disadvantages

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The advantages of gas cookers are:

  • more even temperature on cooking burners
  • easier adjustment of temperature by flame control
  • gas is a cheaper and “cleaner” energy source
  • the gas burner flames heat both the bottom and sides of the pans, so the food can be prepared faster
  • they are capable of rapid temperature changes by adjusting the flame that can be turned off quickly, causing the food to stop cooking quickly even though it did not move the pan from the burner

The disadvantages of gas cookers are:

  • they are more expensive to purchase and install
  • more dangerous to use due to possible gas leakage, which is one of the leading causes of all fires in the household and catering industry
  • Open flames are also much more dangerous to children, animals and unauthorized personnel

Choosing A Gas Cooktop

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If you still opt a gas cooktop, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to make a purchase. To know more about the latest gas cooktops, visit americangr.

Select Panel Material, Colour And Design At The Same Time

The panel can be made of stainless or enamelled steel, as well as glass-ceramic or tempered glass. All surfaces have something in common – they are equally susceptible to scratching and are equally easy to clean from burned food scraps. There are differences though.

1.    Stainless Steel

This material is quite good for its durability. It can withstand even the most aggressive cleaning products. But there is a nuance: the surface must be matt, otherwise, it will show fingerprints. The stainless steel gas stove is ideal for a modern interior that already has silver or chrome details.

2.    Enamelled Steel

Due to its easy cleaning, the enamelled surface takes the No.1 place. To bring a very dirty stove to its previous state, you can only use soft cleaners. However, it is less resistant to abrasives, and small scratches may appear on it over many years of use. The enamelled steel gas cooktop can be not only white but also creamy, beige, brown or black. Best of all, such a gas burner will fit into a classic kitchen interior, retro-style interior or ultra-modern setting – e.g. in black.

3.    Glass-Ceramics

The glass-ceramic gas stove has the marketing name “glass on gas”. The wear-resistant glass-ceramic surface is easy to clean, but still slightly heavier than stainless steel or enamel. For example, to clean the stain from grease, it will have to be wiped several times. Another disadvantage is that the stove may crack or shake. The colour of the glass-ceramic gas cooktop is usually white or black.

4.    Tempered Glass

This material is stronger and thicker than glass ceramics, otherwise, it is almost indistinguishable from it. Tempered glass is no less beautiful or heat resistant, and it is cleaned just as easily. Tempered glass cooktops can be found not only in black, white or beige but also coloured – in red, copper, lilac, etc.

Evaluate Burners

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On gas stoves or cooktops, burners can be standard, with double or triple rows of flames.

1.    Triple Burner

This is the most efficient burner. So, if your cooktop has at least one of them – great.

2.    Direct flames

This type of burners release flames through many micro holes, thanks to which everything is evenly heated, with the least loss of gas and heat, and above all 20% faster.

3.    WOK

Some advanced cooktop models have one WOK express cooker each. It is a powerful double or triple flame burner and frying pan adapter. It is very versatile and suitable for every kitchen.

4.    Grill

It is a small grill under which burners are installed. You can fry meat, fish and vegetables on it.

When selecting a gas cooktop, pay attention to the position of the burner. For example, burners can be placed not as a square, but as a rhombus-shaped. It can be interesting, but as many users have noted in reviews, it’s not very convenient, especially when the burner is fully charged.

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