10 Ingredients That Will Make Your Food So Much Better

When you think about it, the worst possible thing anyone can say about a meal that you prepared is that it is “bland”. Now, after spending time on preparing that meal, measuring ingredients, and clearing the mess in your kitchen, you might feel like never preparing that meal again. But, you should not do and think like that since there are ways in which you can add a little “flair” to your meals. And one of the best ways to do so is by adding some ingredients that did not consider using before.

If you found yourself in this situation, this article is practically made for you. The text below will feature 10 ingredients that can do wonders for your food. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Add a Little Bit of Vinegar

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Yup, it is incredibly weird to add vinegar to your meals, however, the acid will easily liven up the flavors in the meal – and what is even better, you can add it to almost anything, from steak to strawberries. Now, in order for you to reap all the benefits, you will need to learn more about the types of vinegar that you can get.

The choices include getting cider vinegar that is mild and has an apple note or rice vinegar that is quite sweet. If you want to be a bit creative, opt for balsamic red or white wine vinegar.

2. The Delicious Miso Paste

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There is a wide range of miso uses and benefits. You can, for example, mix the paste with some water and then add veggies or meat before making either a sweet, salty, or savory meal. Also, this paste can be used for making stews or soups thicker or if you want to coat the fish before popping it in the oven, you can mix the paste with butter.

3. Make the Perfect Salad With Scallions

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A lot of people use scallions as a garnish, but, they can, in fact, be a wonderful addition to salads, omelets, garlic bread, or potatoes. If you want to make a salad more fun, singe the scallions and then add a dressing that you like. Some dressings that you might opt for include mustard, mayo, or vinegar. Another fun idea is to make a potato salad with scallions. Simply boil the potatoes, cut them into circles, add chopped scallions, and top it with vinegar and salt. It is a perfect salad for various occasions.

4. The Sweet Tones of Honey Paired With Goat Cheese

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If you have never tried a mixture of goat cheese and honey, get up, purchase it, and create the perfect appetizer or salad. There are literally hundreds of ways you can prepare this combination, but here is a combo that you can prepare in 10 minutes.

You will need, goat cheese, honey, mixed greens, and apples to create a simple, yet incredibly tasting salad that will leave anyone’s taste buds craving for more. This ingredient combination can be made into a truly mesmerizing cheese dip as well! If you want to see what is the best honey you can get, learn more here.

5. The Umami Mushrooms

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The first thing worth mentioning about mushroom is that “umami” is not a type of mushroom. In fact, it is a category in the taste of food meaning that mushrooms have one of the five basic tastes besides sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. Mushrooms are pungent, which is a trait usually connected with meat.

You can add mushrooms to literally everything – from soup and stews to salads and lasagnas, and whatever you choose to add them to, rest assured that you will end up with a delicious, meaty meal.

6. That Citrusy Flavor That Adds a Bit of Sparkle to Every Meal

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If you are looking for ways to add a little bit of zing to a lunch or dinner course, you should purchase either limes, oranges or lemons. It will definitely give any dish a fruity flavor and the acid in these ingredients will help you balance out and boost the overall dish flavor. Try preparing a steak with citrus salsa – you might end up preparing it more often than you should.

7. The “Spicy” Ginger

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Now, this ingredient is truly something special. On its own, it is incredibly good for cleansing your pallet between courses and it will help you digest food better. However, with other ingredients, it can extremely add a nice flavor to, for example, ice cream, tea, and even meat such as poultry. There is one thing that you should remember though – ginger has an incredibly strong flavor and that is why you should be cautiousness when you use it for preparing meals or desserts.

8. An All-Time Favorite: The Chinese Five Spice Powder Mixture

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Sometimes, opting for adding a little bit of spice can entirely transform a dish. This spice mixture consists of cloves, star anise, cinnamon, fennel, and pepper. There are other variations that combine licorice, nutmeg, and ginger. You can add this spice to any meat dish or you might want to put a little bit on top of your oatmeal. Just know one thing, whatever you choose to put it on or in, you will not regret it.

9. Cayenne That Will Add Flavor And Color

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Almost all foodies out there have a soft spot for a little spice called cayenne. This spicy seasoning will complete a stew or meat dish, but did you know that it has health benefits as well?

Cayenne is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, hence, if you want to avoid getting the flu, add it to a mixture of fresh lemon juice and hot water to avoid the symptoms.

10. Do Not Throw Away that Vegetable Broth!

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If you prepared homemade soup, you should never throw away the vegetable broth. Instead, you can use it for preparing other things such as cauliflower or broccoli. This interesting tip will add a bit more flavor, however, it will not overpower the rest of the courses.


So, now that you know what you can add to your food to make it taste better, do not waste any more time, choose a recipe you want to make, get some of the ingredients mentioned above, and get cooking!

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