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How to Brew Coffee at Home

There is no better way to start your day than drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee while going to work. But, maybe, just maybe, do you want to have that same coffee at home? It would save you some money and you would have to lose precious time in the morning waiting in line in your favorite coffee shop. It may seem that it requires a lot of training and experience, but making the same quality coffee at your kitchen involves only a bit of patience and good quality tools and we are going to tell you about them.

Firstly, you have to get all the equipment. There are different tools you need such as coffee maker, grinder, filters, scales, etc. They are a small investment, but it will pay out in the long run. Check out to find different kinds of coffee brewers and learn more about each of them. Since there are different brewing methods, it is important to learn all their features, because the ratio of coffee and water differs between them. Also, some use coffee grounds, other coffee pods, while some use both.

Furthermore, the size of coffee particles is very important which is why you should invest in a high-quality coffee grinder. When using grounded coffee beans, you are allowing water to penetrate to their core and extract all the flavors. It also requires a certain amount of time, because brewing it for too long or too short may ruin the taste. Our advice is to grind the amount of coffee you need at that moment because it goes stale after 15 minutes or so. Also, make sure to clean the grinder after every use. You don’t want old, stale grounds from the previous use in your fresh cup of coffee.

In addition, get a scale. Every recipe you find online states the exact amount of coffee and water, and the only way to get it right is to use a scale. There are two ways – by weight or by volume. Weight one is more commonly used, even by professionals, because it is more accurate. Ideally, you will get the one that measures to 0.1g or more.

The water temperature will affect the taste of your coffee, which is why you should be really careful about it and use a thermometer. However, the temperature differs on the type of coffee you are using. If it is sour, you should use hotter water, on the other, hand if it is too bitter, use cooler water.

The last thing that affects the coffee flavor is brewing time. Depending on the recipe and type of coffee, brewing time differs just like water temperature. However, no matter which recipe you use it is important to closely follow the instructions and monitor brewing time in order to get the greatest flavor.

Lastly, once you have gathered all the equipment it is time to go shopping for coffee beans. If you already know your favorite, just go and get it. If not, it is time to experiment. Ask your local barista to tell you about different flavors and help you find the tastiest one.

All in all, as you can see, brewing your own coffee is not that hard. It does require a bit of practice, but that is why some people refer to this process as an adventure.

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