Know About The Varieties of Italian, American and Argentinian Pizza

According to muchneeded pizza is a food loved by people all around the world. Fast pizza delivery can be found in many different countries. While most people enjoy the basic pizza, the crust with tomato sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese there are many variations. Argentina, American, and Italy all have unique pizzas keeping this one of the most popular dishes.


The authentic Italian pizza is made with mozzarella cheese and topped with tomatoes. The cheese can also be made from buffalo milk. The pizza dough is made from wheat flour and kneaded by hand. The dough is allowed to rise and is formed by hand. It is then back for around a minute in an oak wood fire. The dough will come out crispy yet tender. The pizza marinara is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and olive oil. The pizza Margherita is made with tomatoes, buffalo cheese, basil, and olive oil.

When a person asks for pizza in Italy there are two different styles they will be offered. The pizza al tagilo is cooked in a long pan and has a thicker crust. This is like the square pizza that people around the world have come to taste. The pizza is cooked in an electric oven. It is not sold by the slice but rather by weight. The Neapolitan style pizza is round and has a thick crust. It is cooked over a wood fire and is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovies, and oil – learn more about it at

Some other pizzas became popular in Italy and are now being enjoyed all over the world. The Pizza Bianca or the white pizza is made from bread and is topped with oil and herbs. This pizza also contains ricotta cheese and does not have tomato sauce. The Pizza Quattro Formaggi is topped with four different kinds of cheese. This pizza is prepared in four different sections, each representing toppings from one of the four seasons. The pizza Viennese is one of the first to contain a meat topping. This pizza is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, sausage, and herbs.

In 2002, the Italian Parliament passed the traditional Italian pizza bill to safeguard the process of making this pizza. There are specific guidelines that the pizza needs to follow to be traditional. The Neapolitan and the Margherita were part of this bill. These pizza styles and are now protected and there is a specific process that a pizza needs to follow to have these labels.


During the 19th century, Italian immigrants headed to Argentina and they brought their traditions and foods along with them. The first pizza restaurants were opened by immigrants from Naples and Genoa. This pizza was very different from fast pizza delivery. a standard pizza that a person will get this country will have a thicker crust. It is known as media masa which means half dough. This makes the pizza thicker and there is more cheese placed on it. The pizza is served with a faina which is similar to a breadstick. It is made from chickpea flour dough and placed on top of the pizza. A person can enjoy a slice with Moscato wine. Mozzarella is still the most popular topping on pizza. It is then followed by the Neapolitan style but made with the thicker crust. Olives are a popular topping for pizza. There are plenty of pizza shops, especially in Buenos Aires. This city is said to have the most pizza shops in all of the world. Ham is another popular topping along with sliced tomato, red bell pepper, and longaniza. Fugazza is another popular variety of pizza and it can be served with cheese. This is a pizza crust that is topped with onions. There is another version where there is a layer of cheese between the crust and then topped with onions. The regular pizza served in Argentina is topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and garlic.

United States

In the United States, pizza is one of the most popular foods. Millions of people purchase takeout pizza every day. The first pizza establishment opened in Little Italy in New York in 1905. The Italian immigrants brought this pizza recipe with them and have developed some good pizza. New York Pizza has a thin crust. Some places put the cheese before the cause while others put the sauce and then the cheese. Chicago pizza has a thick crust. People in the United States are putting all different types of toppings on their pizza. Barbeque chicken pizza is a popular well as white clam pie and even taco pizza. A person can put just about anything they want on a slice of pizza now.

These are some of the popular types of pizzas that are found in these three countries. Pizza is a favorite meal no matter where a person goes in the world and there are many different types to enjoy.

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