Ways to Make the Cooking Hub of Your House More Welcoming

Your house has many rooms, but which one is our favourite? Where do you entertain your friends? Where do you spend the most time with your family? If you said the kitchen, then you’re reading the right article because it’ll provide you with some tips to make the space more welcoming so you can uplevel your cooking experience.

Why is the kitchen homeowners’ favourite room?

You’re not the only one to consider the kitchen the heart of the house, many homeowners share your opinion because it’s a gathering hub where your family and loved ones gather. Historically, it’s the room people use for cooking, but it has gained other functions over time and has become a functional space. Nowadays, the kitchen is where families eat and spend time together, guests are entertained, and often homeowners work because they don’t have a home office.

The kitchen has become the centre of social activities in a house and enables people to create memories, bond, and connect. However, it maintained its functional characteristic, and if you don’t put some work into transforming it into a cosy and welcoming space, you and your loved ones might not feel very comfortable spending time inside.

Here are some adjustments that could help you makeover the room so it gains an inviting and comfortable vibe.


Reduce the clutter

Clutter puts people off, regardless of the space it engulfs. No one feels comfortable to spend time in a place where things are spread around. If your kitchen is anything like this, it’s time to plan a decluttering.

It’s understandable that, at some times, it’s a mess in the kitchen, considering that you cook multiple dishes at a time or host gatherings, but if you want to maintain a welcoming atmosphere, you must ensure you keep it clean and crisp. A place with as few distractions as possible will make you and your loved ones feel at ease.

Decluttering is also helpful because it allows you to open shelves and navigate the space freely without worrying that you might suffer injuries due to trips.

Brighten the mood with hand-painted cabinets

Maybe the kitchen furniture is outdated or dull. You could switch the cabinets to hand-painted kitchen units to make them look more attractive. Before installing new kitchen units, decide what vibe you want to portray so you can pick the furniture accordingly.

Consult with your family if your kitchen should be a boho, sophisticated, modern, or vintage space. Neutral colours usually make a great canvas for bold hand-painted elements, so you can keep the kitchen in a nude hue and bring a single element that captures the attention.

Welcome colour


Another easy way to infuse your kitchen with personality is to add colour. People find warmer colours more welcoming and inviting, so you should check some shades of yellow, orange, and red and figure out which one works best with your colour scheme.

There are several ways to welcome colour into your kitchen; you can paint a wall yourself; you only need a bucket of paint. You can also change the cabinet doors and switch them with ones in a brighter colour. Or maybe you can pick some decorations in warmer hues and place them in strategic points to capture attention.

It could also help to install new cabinets with doors and frames in wooden tones because wood is a natural material and offers a sense of comfort.

Rethink the lighting scheme

All rooms in the house need a proper lighting scheme to make us feel at home, and the kitchen makes no exception. The lighting in the kitchen makes a great difference in the feel and function of the room.

The traditional kitchen lighting scheme includes under-cabinet lighting, recessed lights installed throughout the room, LED lighting in dark areas, and track lighting or pendant lights to act as a centrepiece.

Mood lighting is a popular solution to boost the warmth of a room. By changing the lights, you make the kitchen as cosy as the living room and bedroom. You could even bring some hanging lights with warm yellow or white lights to make the cooking hub feel more welcoming for your guests.

Add plants


Plants are excellent additions when you want to make a room feel livelier. Plants are natural elements and have the unique power to create a welcoming atmosphere. And where do you count that they also have some amazing health benefits like removing toxins, improving air quality, and relieving feelings of stress and anxiety?

While you can choose decorative plants to boost the aesthetics of the kitchen, you should also consider planting herbs you can use when cooking. It might seem like a small thing, but welcoming plants in the kitchen will make it feel cosier. You can place some succulents near the sink or on the kitchen island. You can even create a green wall if you have enough space available for one.

Suppose you have pets; you can opt for plastic plants, but you’ll skip the benefits of natural ones—research to find which ones are harmless to your pet.

Create a seating area


Suppose you want to transform the kitchen into a socialising hub; it’s essential to create a seating area. By offering them seating solutions, you invite your loved ones to spend more time in the kitchen. If you have a kitchen island, add some bar chairs around it so your guests can assist you while cooking. On the other hand, in case you have an empty corner, consider installing a small sofa. You can also place chairs along the counter so your guests can sit comfortably.

Final words

Homeowners usually spend a large part of their days in the kitchens, and they often share meals with their loved ones in the same place. This is why it’s recommended to transform the space into a welcoming hub where people feel comfortable to spend their time. The above recommendations should help anyone to achieve this kind of vibe.

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