5 Menu Items To Look For In A Barbecue Restaurant

From coast to coast there is nothing like good barbecue on the menu. Depending on the region you hail from, barbecue means different things to different people. From the sweet sticky sauces of the South to the mustard sauces of the Carolinas all barbeque is good barbeque.

If you happen to find yourself upstate in New York, you should check out the best barbecue restaurant Harlem while you are there. You are sure to find a tasty assortment of condiments along with indulgent side dishes to whet your appetite. Continue below for five menu items to look for in a good barbecue joint.



There is nothing finer than a good brisket smoking away on the barbecue. Smoked brisket with the classic smoke ring is a thing of beauty. Cooked low and slow brisket becomes a tender, melt-in-your-mouth classic, even better if you happen to be lucky enough to get the burnt ends. To sauce or not, the choice is yours on this classic cut of beef.



It just isn’t a barbecue pit without ribs. Country style, spare ribs, baby back, or St. Louis, all ribs are good ribs. Both the dry rub and sauced versions are equally delicious in a barbecue restaurant Harlem. Find a restaurant that offers a wide selection of smoked meats to settle on your favorite.



For an option that does not involve red meat, often restaurant goers will opt for poultry in the form of grilled or smoked chicken. Dry-rubbed or soaked-in brine barbecue chicken is irresistible and offers a lighter option. Pulled chicken with a good sauce is nothing short of spectacular on a grilled bun making for a memorable barbecue experience.

Meatless Options


For those who do not indulge in meat, there are still terrific barbecue options available. Seafood is a popular choice for those who enjoy a bounty from the sea with smoked salmon or a good fish fry usually available. With more people opting to go completely vegetarian today, there are even veggie options such as burgers available. There is something for everyone in a good barbecue restaurant in Harlem.

The Sides


Great barbecue should come along with delicious sides, both traditional and occasionally some standout new options. Traditional BBQ beans are a staple in barbecue spots with every place having its own spin on the dish. Along with the beans, coleslaw, macaroni, and cheese, a well-seasoned potato salad is always appreciated. Don’t forget the cornbread and if you are really lucky, some greens.

Bring Your Appetite

The choices are many and sometimes just one won’t do. A combination plate is always welcome consisting of a few popular options such as ribs and chicken, or brisket and pulled pork platters with a variety of sauces. There is no wrong way to eat barbecue. Regardless of the meat and sauces that you settle on, bring your appetite because a good barbecue restaurant Harlem will leave you satisfied.

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