Online Customer Reviews: How They Benefit Food Business?

Providing a good customer experience is essential for all businesses. Whether it’s dining out, going to the movies, or trying out new drinks, such experiences are to be consumed in order for businesses to access and evaluate them. This is where online reviews become useful.

Online customer reviews can hugely benefit food businesses. These comments should not be necessarily taken as something bad. Negative reviews may force you to lose a few points but positive reviews can help the business to enhance its reputation and increase its customer base. It also allows them to stand out from their competitors. In this article, we’ll list how food businesses can take advantage of online customer reviews.

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How Online Customers’ Reviews Benefit Businesses


A study found that 94% of the US diners found their decision of deciding on a restaurant was influenced by online reviews. Meaning that they choose a restaurant based on the online reviews that they read about particular restaurants.

What’s more, the higher the number of positive reviews a food business has, the higher the number of customers (both existing and potential) who prefer eating there.

This just goes to show how online customers’ reviews can make or break a food business. The benefits that the food businesses can gain from online customers’ reviews have been mentioned below:

Reviews Can Be Used As a Marketing Tool

Your potential customers will always trust other customers’ reviews over the food brand itself, that’s for sure.

While you may be able to bring in new customers with your promotional marketing efforts, there’s nothing better than the support of existing customers who have positive things to say about your food business.

You can think of online reviews as advertisements that you didn’t pay for. You can post these reviews on your website and social media platforms and let them speak for themselves.

Reviews Put Your Food Business on Map


Without these online reviews, your customers wouldn’t think twice about checking out your food business.

That’s how people discover new food businesses in this day and age online; through word of mouth or rather through online reviews posted by other customers.

Any food business that no one talks about on the internet has no chance of being discovered, let alone being on the first pages of Google search results.

Reviews Can Boost Your Profit

The logic here is very simple – when potential customers read positive online reviews, they are more likely to try a restaurant based on those reviews. This can further grow the customer base for your food business.

One study even claimed that such an increase in profit because of customers’ reviews wasn’t because of any change in the food quality, price, or service, rather the new customers were led in by the online reviews they had read.

Reviews Can Enhance Your Reputation


Online positive reviews help to enhance the reputation of your food business naturally.

You also need to do more by keeping a lookout for all online reviews about your food business, replying to them as soon as possible, and encouraging more customers to leave reviews about your food business.

Not replying to customers’ reviews will make customers doubt your customer service skills. And if you haven’t already taken measures to claim your food business profile on review sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, some other customers will take this opportunity to taint the reputation of your food business.

Reviews Help to Address Negative Reviews Publicly

Sure, you may want to hide or eliminate all the negative reviews customers may be posting online about your food business, but you can still control customers’ perspectives about your brand if you answer these negative reviews.

You cannot eliminate the negative reviews as much as the positive ones, but if you take the negative reviews seriously, you can send a response to them about providing a solution to their problem. Since reviews are public, customers will give you points if they see your food business dealing with and answering negative reviews with some humility.

Final Thoughts


You can contest or control the online reviews that customers are posting about your food business – they speak for themselves. However, you can encourage customers to leave good reviews and help them solve problems that they have with your food business. That will automatically help your food business to stand out from your competition, raise customer engagement, and then increase profits!

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