Tomahawk Steak 101: Understanding the Cut and Cooking Techniques

Meats differ in origin, composition, age, and position; we also distinguish between dishes that can be prepared from different or the same positions. To make this possible, there are different ways of cutting meat, depending on the dish that will be prepared from it. In addition, steaks, chops, or fish fillets should be cut correctly so that they can be prepared more easily and quickly on the grill at the appropriate time. When we talk about beef, many will agree that tomahawk steak is one of the best cuts of meat that guarantee a delicious meal. However, you will have to put some effort into it.

How to choose fresh meat?

Most experts agree that a fresh, good cut of beef will have a cherry red color, sometimes with hints of purple, depending on the packaging. Maybe you didn’t know, but the red color of meat comes from protein that contains iron. The beef should be medium red, but not too dark. If the meat takes on a brown color, it means that it is not fresh, and it may be spoiled. The next thing to pay attention to is the smell. Each type of meat has a specific smell, but if it is fresh meat, the smell is usually weaker. Meat changes its smell if it is kept in unfavorable conditions and stored for a long time. Another sign that shows that the meat is not right is the appearance of mucous water that can be mixed with blood. The color of beef and beef must be dark red and have fatty patterns. Fat is important because it gives flavor. If you don’t have time to go to the butchery, there is tomahawk steak delivery.


What is a tomahawk steak?

Steak, rump stek or fillet? Too many names for different parts of one type of meat – beef. The etymology of the word steak comes from the Scandinavian (Nordic) area and refers to a steak of meat, mostly with bone. We also include Tomahawk steak, or as many call it – rib eye steak. Rib eye steak is the most tender and juicy of all types of steak. In order for it to retain its flavor, the most important thing you need to do is cut it properly. The steak must be cut a little thicker, and the ideal thickness is 3.75 cm. Only with the right thickness will you be able to thermally process it in the right way, especially if you like it to be caramelized on the outside and medium-bloody on the inside.



One of the main props in every kitchen is a knife, more specifically knives of different sizes and with different blade widths, made of different materials. The material from which they are most often made is steel, but ceramic knives are increasingly used in the kitchen. A wide-bladed knife is ideal for vegetables (santoku is certainly the best known to us), while a narrow-bladed knife is used for cutting raw meat. But, since this piece of meat has a bone, a thicker knife or hatchet knife will be needed.

Baking levels

There are four basic levels of cooking a steak, and they are very raw (bleu) – when the meat is soft and blue-violet in color, and it is thermally processed for only one minute on each side

Technically speaking, a tomahawk is actually a rib eye steak with additional processing of the bone to resemble an Indian axe. We love this steak because it is beautifully streaked with fat, which gives it extra juiciness. For this type of preparation, we often say that the meat is bloody. The next one is rare when we fry for two minutes on both sides. Preparation in this way will make the meat red, soft, and juicy. We come to the medium-roasted steak, which we have already mentioned, and which we believe is the most popular. With this kind of preparation, the meat is browned all around, and pale pink in the middle. And in the end, we are left with a well-seasoned steak that is grilled over high heat for 3 minutes on each side and then for an additional 7 minutes at a lower temperature. The meat is extremely tasty and has a different texture and color than the previous three methods – the meat is firm and brown.

Method of preparation

The best thing about this type of steak is that you don’t need many ingredients to get the perfect dish. All you need is a quality piece of meat, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little butter. Before you start cooking, take the steak out of the refrigerator, season it as desired, and leave it for about 45 minutes at room temperature so that the meat softens and becomes tastier. The next step is to fry the steak in a pan, but very briefly – two minutes on each side. Then, if you wish, you can bake them in the oven for an additional 11-14 minutes. Always make sure that the temperature is suitable so that the steak can be browned on the outside in a short time, and the inside remains juicy.

Keep in mind that we usually buy fresh meat from butchers and that it never tastes the same as from our favorite restaurant. The secret is that the tomahawk steak goes through several stages of preparation before it ends up on the plate. We are talking about the dry aging of meat, which means placing the meat of the first category in the chamber for aging, where it usually remains for 21 days. In this way, the meat gets a special texture because natural enzymes penetrate into the hardest parts of the meat and soften it while retaining its nutritional properties – proteins. It is important to cook the steak for a short time, but at a higher temperature so that it does not become dry.

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