Top 10 Fiber Rich Foods to Consider

Many processed foods, which include bread and cereals, have got an added fiber. Fiber sources used in both this supplementation aren’t the healthiest. So, like it is with other nutrients, it’s better to have fresh foods, which are rich in nutrients that you need. Here we will provide you the list of the high-fiber foods; the list is focused on lesser-known stars.

To know how fiber can help your body, click here to take surveys and know how useful it is to eat the right food. Foods listed below aren’t just foods that are high in fiber, but necessary nutrients that will help our bodies to thrive.

1. Peas


A spring vegetable that is loaded with a good amount of fiber: just one cup of peas has 9 grams of fiber. Peas are the great affordable ingredient and you can buy it frozen or fresh and add in everything from pasta to fried rice.

2. Avocados


The favorite fruit is primarily known for the healthy fat content, but it is also the good fiber source. Half avocado has around 7 grams of fiber! So, next time make sure you complete your bowl of guacamole

3. Pears


The medium sized of pear packs 6 grams of fiber (more than apple), offering 24% of the recommended daily fiber value. Tip: Skin of pear has lots of fiber content, so do not peel it.

4. Whole Wheat Pasta


Actually, spaghetti can be healthy and fibrous food—if you are using the whole wheat pasta. Just 1 cup has got 6 grams of fiber. Increase the count by topping your meal with healthy veggies such as peas and artichokes.

5. Figs


Fresh figs and dried figs both are the good fiber source. Unlike other foods, nutrition in figs has the perfect balance of the soluble & insoluble fiber and is linked with the lower blood pressure & protection against the macular degeneration, besides fiber benefits. Even though you do not like dried figs, but fresh figs are highly delicious and can also be enjoyed on the top of salads, cereals, and stuffed with honey and cheese for the special dessert.

6. Brown Rice


Going for brown rice than white rice is a more fibrous option. Just one cup of the brown rice has got 4 grams of the fiber compared to 2 grams of white rice. You can store one bag in your pantry for simple access to the high-fiber meals.

7. Prunes (or Dried Plums)


There is a reason that the prunes are called as the best foods when you are constipated. Besides sugar alcohols in the dried fruits, which give them the laxative effect, the prunes have 12 grams of fiber in a cup.

8. Coconut


Coconut and coconut products are growing high in popularity. Coconut has got low glycemic index & is simple to include in your diet. With a good amount of fiber, coconut flour & grated coconuts are the best ways to add healthy and natural fiber in your diet.

9. Nuts


Small in comparison to the foods mentioned here, nuts are the healthy way to increase your intake of fiber quickly. Almonds are much lower in the calories & fats than walnuts, whereas higher in protein and potassium. Walnuts are shown to improve the verbal reasoning, mood and memory and support neurologic function.

10. Quinoa


Quinoa is one remarkable seed that appears like a grain. Each and every grain are very high in fiber, however, not all are packed with essential nutrition. Its quinoa’s nutritional profile and fact that it’s simple to digest & gluten-free that will push it over fiber food edge.

Final Words

For people with the digestive tract conditions, then dietary fiber will help to relieve symptoms. The high intake of fiber helps to increase the healthy bacteria, whereas decreasing unhealthy bacteria that will be a root of digestive problems. It is possible to consume a lot of fiber, though it is less common than fiber deficiency.

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