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4 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Food Blog In 2024

If you’re a food blogger who is only starting their journey, we’d recommend paying attention to using Instagram in the first place – this platform has over 1000 posts and 500 millions of stories uploaded every second. This bare fact is enough to conclude how lucrative of a platform IG really is and how big the “market” of potential readers there is. Surely, the niche of food blogging is already quite overloaded by talented content creators, but you can overcome all the obstacles by using the help of professional promoters.

In this text we’re going to give you 6 ways to promote your social media page on Instagram as a food blogger in 2024: all of them work equally great, you’re the only one to choose which ones to use or if you want to combine them (that’s the best decision, by the way). We’re going to pay attention to the chance to buy Instagram followers on Viplikes to start off, then we will talk about where you can seek support if you don’t have any bonds with the content creators to ask for mutual PR and what strategy should you follow to be able to monetize your content later.

Where to begin

Although food blogging is mostly about free content, you can and should find ways for its monetization. To do that successfully you need to divide content by types from the very beginning: for example, you want to “sell” your recipes, guides or personal recommendations on anything bound to food in the future. Okay, save that content for later! Anything that has your unique experience and thought to it should be put away and used only in a form of teasers, so that people would understand that you’re a pro and would want to stay with you in the profile to figure out all of that later.

Choose the types of content you’re going to use as the “warmers” – it might be entertaining posts, posts where people can exchange their own experiences in cooking or visiting cafes and restaurants, and, for sure, some informational posts to show your competency in the chosen sphere. However, as we have said, don’t put any unique information there, just the one that people can freely find online (but it would take them more time rather than simply reading it in your IG profile).

What to do next


When that’s clear, proceed to working on the development of your page. It would be smarter to firstly use simpler methods, such as a possibility to purchase subscribers – but why do that if you can gain them yourself, you might ask? Well, the truth is, for any thematic pages (including food blogs) gaining subscribers might be hard, because people aren’t keen on reading anything that’s not a) familiar to them b) helpful and interesting to them. So to skip the phase where you’re sitting online, following people randomly and trying to get some attention back, we would recommend to simply buy real subscribers and cover your need in a base of followers which would prove to others that your content is actually worth checking out and following on a permanent basis. Food Bloogers Like Alice Perkins started from only a small handful of audience which was really disheartening at first but with proper attention to her market and her niche she was able to organically grow her reach.
Make sure though that you buy real subscribers, because the fake ones are going to mostly harm your page, rather than actually help it. Genuine subs will cause no questions neither from the already existing audience of yours, nor from the newcoming people, nor from the IG algorithms, that can clearly detect lots of “fake” activity if there is one. This is why we recommend taking on such services from Viplikes – we can vouch for that company cooperating only with real people to help their clients out. They never use bots and never put their customers in danger by doing so.

Where to seek support

If you don’t have any friends on IG who would support you in the beginning by sharing your content, the best decision would be reaching out to fellow bloggers in your niche who have approximately the same number of subs as you do. Let’s say, both of you have 200 subs now – altogether you can beat that number up to 400. You get what we mean; and the more such collabs you have, the better are your chances of sufficiently expanding your audience.

What not to do


Don’t use free methods. Just leave them behind and realize that these aren’t going to lead you anywhere. Activity chats, commenting and mass liking are the things that have gone into the past and should remain there. You will hardly be able to gain 100 subs by doing so, so don’t waste your time and start investing into your profile’s future success right away and spend your time on working with other bloggers and generating unique, high quality content. Trust us, it will bring you a way better payback than trying to use the methods that have outdated long ago.

When to start targeted ad


The easiest way to explain it: use target as soon as you’re sure that all of the viewers are going to want to subscribe to you. When you have people who already read your food blog and sincerely support you, when you’ve bought subs to create yourself an initial pool, when you’ve reached out to certain bloggers and had successful collabs – after all of that is the best time. If you’re set to spend money and think that you’re ready for a targeted ad right after you have created your page, think of that like this: what people are going to see when they come to your profile after they’d see the ad in their stories or posts? Half-empty page with not so much in it? Will they want to stay? The answer is obvious here.


Following the right order and making sure that you’re putting enough effort into generating content and interacting with the audience – these are your keys to success. Don’t hesitate to spend some dollars on promotion, trust us, the payoff is really going to astonish you and you won’t regret doing any of that.

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