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Winter Grocery Shopping Got you Down? Try Meat Delivery

After decades of research from health specialists and dietary experts, most North Americans understand that a diet based on home cooking that uses sustainable whole foods is essential to long-term wellbeing.

This has driven a seismic shift in how North Americans relate to food, with a growing number of individuals and families adopting better habits and exploring new dishes that provide a better balance of good fats, fibre, lean proteins, and local produce.

But embracing new eating habits isn’t always easy, and many consumers in Canada and the northern United States find that winter can be an especially difficult time of year. Not only is this because farm fresh food isn’t as available, it is also due to the fact that even straightforward trips to the grocery store can be frustrating when the roads and sidewalks are covered in ice and slush, and the temperature dips well below freezing.

For those who live in large cities, these difficulties are compounded by the already frenetic pace of life; when it’s a challenge finding time to visit the grocery store even when it’s sunny and warm out, high winds and frosty nights make a stopover at the nearest fast food chain even more appealing. Furthermore, it’s hard to bring out your favorite smoker during those cold winter months!

The good news is, there are a growing number of options for those who are committed to eating well but who are struggling to build trips to the grocery store into their weekly schedule. Delivery services that specialize in providing healthy, locally raised food mean that consumers don’t need to choose between a convenience and good food.

For example, companies like truLOCAL have built a recognized brand by helping Canadians order all their favourite meat products online, and having them delivered straight to their doors.

This means that you can start putting together your order online from the comfort of your home or office. And because orders are delivered in specially designed refrigerated meat boxes, you don’t need to worry about being home to receive your order in person: truLOCAL delivers to houses, apartment buildings, offices, gyms, and even cottages anywhere in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario.

While grocery delivery services are nothing new, one of the things that makes truLOCAL stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is committed to sourcing all of its products from local farms.

When shopping at truLOCAL, customers can get a wide range of meats, from mail delivery steaks and ground beef to roasts, whole chickens, artisanal sausages, wild-caught fish, and even unique meats like buffalo. There are two sizes of boxes available for a flat, both of which use an innovative points system that allow shoppers to select the meats they want. Orders can be set up for delivery on a monthly, bi-weekly, or tri-weekly basis.

Medical experts have long noted that the best way to guarantee health is to adopt a balanced, nutritious diet that includes sustainably sourced whole foods, cooked at home. And because meat delivery services like truLOCAL provide you with steady access to high quality, healthy food delivered straight to your door, sticking to your diet is easier than ever.


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