Top 10 Italian Recipes You Can Try In Lunch Or Dinner – 2024 Guide

Everyone loves Italian food. If we are to go out and ask people their favorite foods, chances are they’ll name some Italian dishes. Italian cuisine is rich and unique. Whether that’s lasagna, pasta, or a pizza, it’s safe to say that it’s thoroughly delicious.

Over the past two centuries, Italian cuisine has taken the world by storm. The before-mentioned dishes seem to be timeless masterpieces that generations before and generations to come will enjoy.

These Italian dishes are so entrenched in the international culture that everyone is looking for pizza all the time. But, we’re here to talk about recipes so here is the list of the 10 best Italian dishes you can make for yourself. Before we start, if you’re interested in any other kinds of recipes then make sure to visit pbh foods. Now, here we go.

1. Pizza

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Everyone knows this dish. Pizza is so versatile that can accommodate anyone’s taste and preference since it comes in a variety of makings. Pizza is one of those dishes that one can eat casually or formally dressed.

For baking it, on the other hand, you might require thin or thick crust as the main ingredient. Other must-have ingredients need to be mozzarella or ricotta cheese, and tomato sauce. For the rest of them, however, you could choose anything from pepperoni to ham, to mushrooms, etc.

Although, the most basic instructions for a Neapolitan Pizza or a  Chicago Deep-Dish, is to actually stuff the pizza with lots of ingredients. This way, you’ll be much satisfied with all the flavors coming together in your mouth. But, everyone makes the best pizza for themselves, regardless if it’s good or bad. This contradicts the popular saying that there’s a “best pizza” out there.

2. Cannelloni

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A very famous and traditional dish in Italy, cannelloni is a unique and cylindrically-shaped type of food that typically is made out of cottage cheese, spinach, normal cheese, tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, and filled with meat.

This food is baked in an oven and can stuff a person full. It’s very easy to make, with minimal effort if you can manage to hit the right ingredients.

3. Grilled Tagliata Steak

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The word “tagliata” means sliced in Italy. Grilled tagliata steak is a traditional cuisine in Northern Italy. It is a very popular dish in Milano, Turin, Bergamo, and many others.

Grilled tagliata steak is usually a very thick steak that is grilled and placed onto a bed of greens. To prepare this meal, you need to cut the meat into slices one you’ve finished making it.

A very popular sub-dish is the grilled tagliata steak sandwich, also called “Tagliata sandwich”.

4. Spaghetti

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When it comes to Italian foods, none can match the uniqueness of pasta. However, a lot of people debate the origins of pasta. One this is for certain though, the world loves it.

Spaghetti is a type of pasta that is made out of ground grain and water. But the best thing about spaghetti is that you can add dozens of sauces and ingredients to suit your taste. This, naturally, makes spaghetti one of the most versatile dishes out there. Spaghetti Bolognese, Carbonara, Pesto, and Marinara are some of the most famous Italian sauces, but they’re not the only ones. It’s only a matter of time before you find your favorite spaghetti sauce.

5. Ossobuco Alla Milanese

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Ossobuco Alla Milanese will be a meat lover’s favorite Italian food. To prepare this meal you need to gradually cook veal shanks in white wine and then serve in a variety of vegetables. This dish is then completed by adding gremolata, lemon zest, a condiment made of garlic, and parsley. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, but the best of the dish is when you dig bone marrow from the bones of the veil.

6. Focaccia Bread

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Along with the sandwich, Liguria’s focaccia is a salty flatbread typically served with olive oil.

Tuscany’s focaccia is unsalted however eaten with herbs, seasoning, and olive oil. In Sardinia, their focaccia bread is akin to pita bread so you will expect a surprising crunch in every bite. The most

popular form is oven-baked bread, akin to pizza doughs. Just assume its hardness on the inside and crunchiness on the outside.

Foccacia bread can be served as a snack, table bread, or an appetizer, depending on how you prepare it. Making Foccacia bread is very easy, and you can choose the Ligurian, Tuscan, or Sardinian, amongst others, varieties.

7. Saltimbocca

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Saltimbocca is a very taste dish that is prepared differently depending on the region. Saltimbocca is prepared traditionally using slices of veal topped with vegetable leafs and salty prosciutto.  The uniqueness of this dish is that toothpicks are used to join the meats until every bit is nice and cooked.

Moreover, you can use meat like mutton and chicken to give the dish extra flavor. If prepared carefully and by the book, Saltimbocca has a tendency to melt in your mouth within the first bite. Tourists love this dish, and you should as well.

8. Chicken Parmigiana

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Chicken Parmigiana is also one of the most favorite dishes of Italian-American people.

Everyone must try this masterpiece at least once in their life. The inspiration for this dish comes from the Italian parmigiana dish, which is prepared differently and with different ingredients that this one.

Traditionally, the dish consists of chicken breasts and usually topped with some cheese. You can even combine more than one cheese as your topping; just make sure to add tomato sauce as well.

9. Carbonara

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We mentioned that pasta is the most well-liked Italian dishes, and Carbonara as one of the most popular flavors. In Italy, every

household and restaurant have different recipes to make carbonara. However, you can be sure that the taste of this dish is as brilliant as immense.

To make this dish, you will need spaghetti, bacon or salt-cured guanciale, pepper, cheese, milk, and eggs. Also, in Italy, people also try mushrooms, cream, and other vegetables to make different versions of this dish.

While nothing unusual, adding these ingredients makes the dish very unique. Not only that, but those that do make carbonara with mushrooms say it’s a brilliant alternative to the traditional taste.

This dish can be prepared within few minutes.

You can make yummy creamy pasta with new recipes available online. However, in case you are a traveler and want to try the authentic carbonara in Italy, you should go to a traditional restaurant where you are going to satisfy your taste with its luscious taste.

10. Ristto

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If you want to try the best Risotto in the world, then you must go to Venice, Italy. Other than Venice, Florence is also famous for its delicious Risottos. You can also find some seasonal Risotto such as spring and summer risottos. These seasonal ones are made using different flavors of herbs and veggies, depending on the season. Some famous places for delicious risottos are Trattoria ZaZa, Antica Trattoria Da Tito, Ristorante Paoli, Osteria Santo Spirito, and La Bussola.

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