15 Best Aussie Snacks You Must Try in 2024

Our advice is that when you go to another country, you do the same thing that its residents do. Eat their traditional food, tour the most visited tourist spots and enjoy.

If you would like to visit Australia or are already there, you have to try their snacks. It is a shame to remain deprived of such an experience.

And if you’re still thinking and looking for a reason to make an exception during your diet, we’ll give you a few.

1. Vegemite

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True, Vegemite has a strange smell, and this is even confirmed by the Australians themselves. However, don’t judge by smell. If you have ever tasted it and you didn’t enjoy it, it’s very possible you got the portions wrong. Vegemite never eats alone. The best way to definitely enjoy this treat is to grill it toast 50-50 and add some butter. This is the most common way to enjoy vegemite. This Aussie snack is often eaten with breakfast and can be eater as a snack any time of day.

2. Fairy Bread

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If you love plain bread then you will love this! It’s not hard to relate the name of the treat to the look, it’s magic, isn’t it?

Tip: It’s best to use white bread for this one. You got the fairy tale bread. Decorated like this must entice you to try it, we’re sure of it.

3. Tim Tams

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They love this delicious snack in Australia, and we have no doubt you will too. It’s interesting that only here you can make a Tim Tam Slam and try the real Tim Tams. All you have to do is grab one biscuit, bite the ends, put one end in warm milk or hot chocolate and drink like a straw.

The milk will slowly dissolve the hard chocolate and biscuit layer but quickly soften the mixture inside. Before it falls apart eat it all.  Mmmm … It’s only up to you to choose how many you’re going to eat.

4. Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas

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These sweets are a real paradise for kids! However, there is no age limit on their consumption. They are so good at being adored by the elderly as well.

If you have cravings for something sweet this is the right choice for you because it has lots of soft caramel inside incased in chocolate. Not only will you try this fantastic thing, it’s also an affordable treat to add to the shopping list. You should be able to find them for $1.

5. Lamingtons

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These savory cakes contain flavors of chocolate, coconut, dairy and jams. It all fits into one bite – one chocolate square.

They are no longer easy to find fresh in the main cities around Australia. For a quick fix, you can find them in the major grocery chains around Australia like Woolworths and Coles. It is relatively to make these snacks, if you have baked a cake before and it was a moderate success, you should be able to take on a batch of lamingtons.

6. Meat Pie

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These pies generally contain minced meat, gravy, mashed potatoes and sometimes onions and mushrooms. A “true Australian” will generally add tomato sauce (ketchup) on top of this already savoury pie.

If you are a sports fan then meat pie will be your favorite treat while watching Australian sports like AFL and Rugby League. As well as being a part of Australian sports culture, they are often eaten for brunch in-between breakfast and lunch.

7. Pods

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A snack you will surely like if you love Tim Tams – they are equally as good however not as famous.

They consist of a chocolate crust shaped like a cup filled with creamy chocolate. You can try them in flavors like Snickers, Mars Bars, Mint Slice … and now with raspberry flavors. The choice is huge, and it’s all worth a try.

8. Smiths Chips

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The most famous and best chips in Australia are what’s known countrywide as “smiths chips”. Potatoes are grown in Australia, so this is a domestic snack that goes back generations. It has many different flavors, so you will surely find one or two you’ll fall in love with. On the, you can see what flavors are available and order there from the USA and globally.

9. Arnott’s Shapes

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This salty biscuit structure will delight you. They’re quite thin so they may remind you of chips, but it’s still completely different.

Don’t worry, they’re not just salty. There are many different flavors and shapes. BBQ, Pizza, Cheese and Bacon are just a few. You won’t be able to get enough, they can be very addictive with the entire pack disappearing from beneath your nose.

10. Killer Python

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Everything you find in Australia can have a bigger and scarier version. We’re talking about sweets.

Taking gummy worms as an example – rubber snacks and Killer Pythons you will understand the difference. The flavors are the same and equally colorful, but why should you limit yourself to the size of a worm if you can eat something bigger? Forget that size doesn’t matter – it certainly is when it comes to tasty treats like this!

11. Golden Gaytime

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Ice cream on a stick of coffee and vanilla dipped in combined chocolate and wrapped in honeycomb biscuits. You will enjoy this very popular ice cream snack as the biscuits melt in your mouth.

You can find them in packs of four at the supermarkets as well as ‘petrol stations’ (gas stations) across the country. Buy a pack to share with some friends or enjoy them quietly by yourself in the car.

12. Anzac Biscuits

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Delicious and slightly chewy or sometimes rock hard, sweet oat and coconut cookies certainly sound tempting. They are round in shape and are named after the ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

During World War I, they obviously relied heavily on biscuits as a high calorie dish – many years later, they are still great.

13. Burger Rings

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A type of Australian corn-based burger flavored “chip”. This product is now the property of PepsiCo.

All the rice and corn used for this snack is grown 100% in Australia, and when you try this burger flavor nothing else will be able to match it – you have the feeling of eating a real burger, give it a try.

14. Arnott’s Mint Slices

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This delicious, crunchy round chocolate cookie is topped with mint cream and coated with dark chocolate. At the same time sweet and refreshing, ideal right?

15. Minties

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If you are not a lover of chocolate but you do love sweets, then we have something else for you. Aussies call them “Minties”, If you love mint and sweets, you’ll love minties.

And there we have it!

Admit you were hungry while reading this text! There’s only one thing to do now… go now and try some of these snacks if you can.

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