Baking With Fruit: The Easiest And Tastiest Fruity Baked Treats To Try

Are you ready to get your bake on? There’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly-baked treat, especially when it is filled with delicious fruits. From light and fluffy cakes to fragrant pies and tarts, baking with fruit is a great way to add sweetness, crunch, and flavor to your creations.

Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting in the kitchen, this article will teach you everything there is to know about making simple yet delectable fruity baked goods that will impress your friends and family. Read on for step-by-step recipes and top tips on picking seasonal fruits for maximum flavor.

Peach cobbler


Who doesn’t love to bake? Especially when it involves delicious fruits like peaches. Peach cobbler is one of the most straightforward and enjoyable fruity baked treats you can make. It’s simple to prepare, and you can use either fresh or canned peaches, depending on the season.

The bonus is that the house will smell amazing while this wonderful dessert bakes in the oven. Top with some biscuits or a crumble topping, then generously add a scoop of ice cream. You’ll soon see why peach cobbler is considered a classic treat – it may be no-fuss baking, but it is filled with plenty of flavors.

Banana nut bread


Banana nut bread is the perfect way to use up those overripe bananas. This banana nut bread recipe is moist and flavorful, with chopped nuts providing a delicious crunch in every bite. It’s also easy to make – all you need are essential pantry ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs.

Add some chocolate chips and your favorite nuts for banana bread that tastes even better than the store-bought versions for an extra special touch. Serve banana nut bread warm from the oven or let it cool down before slicing it into thick pieces for breakfast or tea treats.

Blueberry muffins


Muffins are a great way to get your fix of fruity baked goods. And blueberry muffins are an absolute favorite. If you’re looking for a classic, easy recipe from scratch, this one is for you. You only need some pantry staples like flour and sugar and fresh or frozen berries – no mixer required!

The exciting part is that there are plenty of ways to elevate these simple yet delicious muffins. For added sweetness, why not add in some dark chocolate chips? Or swap out the all-purpose flour with whole wheat or oat flour for a healthier twist. However you choose to top them off, these blueberry muffins will surely hit the spot.

Cherry pie

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Cherry pie is a classic treat that has been around for centuries. It comprises tart, sweet cherries encased in a buttery and flaky pastry crust. This recipe takes it up a notch with a crumble topping – its crunchiness pairs perfectly with the cherry filling for an unforgettable dessert experience.

Making your cherry pie from scratch may seem intimidating, but trust us, it’s so worth it. You can use fresh or frozen cherries, depending on what’s available. The key to success is ensuring you have enough sugar and cornstarch, so the filling is smooth once it’s baked – this will ensure your pie stays nice and firm when cut into slices.

Apple crumble

Apple crumbles a timeless dessert that is quick and easy to make. What’s more, it can be enjoyed both hot or cold – the perfect way to enjoy all fall flavors. It’s also versatile – you can use any apple, depending on your preference.

The beauty of this recipe is that everything comes together in just one bowl, so that clean-up time will be minimal. To ensure maximum flavor and texture, mix some brown sugar with your apples and top with an oat and flour mixture before baking until golden brown. Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream for a satisfying after-dinner treat.

Strawberry shortcake


Strawberry shortcake is the perfect way to enjoy fresh strawberries when they’re in season. This classic dessert features a buttery biscuit base and sweet, juicy strawberries piled on top. And it’s surprisingly easy to make – all you need are some essential ingredients like flour and sugar.

Drizzle some melted chocolate over your biscuits for an extra special touch before adding the strawberry filling. The contrast between the bittersweet chocolate and tart berries will surely tantalize your taste buds. If you’re feeling fancy, add a dollop of whipped cream for a finishing touch that looks as good as it tastes.

Rhubarb crumble

Rhubarb crumble is one of those desserts that everyone should try at least once. Tangy rhubarb is sweetened with a generous amount of sugar and topped with an oat-based crumble that’s so buttery and crunchy – it’s the perfect combination.

This recipe only requires a few ingredients, making it ideal for beginner bakers who want to make something delicious without too much fuss. To get the best results, opt for tart rhubarb over sweeter varieties. Top your crumble off with some vanilla ice cream while still warm from the oven – you can thank us later.

Banana bread pudding


Banana bread pudding is a comforting and delicious dessert for using overripe bananas. This recipe combines sugar, eggs, heavy cream, and spices to create an irresistibly creamy texture.

To make it extra memorable, layer in some thick slices of banana bread between the egg mixture before baking – this will give your pudding an extra flavor boost. Serve topped with caramel sauce or a sprinkle of cinnamon, and enjoy every last bite.

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