Best Plasma Lighter for Every Occasion

The introduction of plasma lighters a few years ago changed the way we light our candles, stoves and camping fires dramatically. Just like many other new technology gadgets, plasma lighters have grown from a novelty to truly useful devices that are leaps and bounds beyond their traditional counterparts.

Plasma lighters come in many shapes, depending on the role they are designed for. In order to choose the right one for you, you need to determine what are you going to use your lighter for. Here are our suggestions for some of the most common uses.

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Best All-Purpose Lighter – Eternity Double Arc

Compact design ensures that Eternity Double Arc won’t be a burden to carry in your pockets. The design is stylish, and you can choose from several colors: black, gold, silver, and a rainbow-themed color scheme. Fully charged, it can give you between 200 and 330 lights, and it comes with its own charger.

Best Survival/Tactical Plasma Lighter – RUIMX Tactical Flashlight with Plasma Beam Lighter

As the name would suggest, RUIMX Tactical Flashlight with Plasma Beam Lighter combines two things every survivalist and camper needs – a flashlight and a lighter in one new technology gadget. Both are essential for any prolonged stay away from civilization. This device doesn’t use a researchable lithium battery like most lighters these days, but rather an alkaline one that you need to swap once exhausted. On the one hand, it makes sense, since you probably don’t have means of charging it out in the wild. On the other, there are plenty of solar chargers on the market today that can do the job, and we would expect for producers of a techy piece like this one to offer this option. This can come quite handy when you want to start a barbeque fire while camping.

Best USB Lighter – Mantello Plasma Arc Lighter

While almost every plasma lighter comes with a USB charging port, Mantello Plasma Arc Lighter goes one step further and provides a charger to go with the lighter. The design is an uncommon one and is sure to draw attention to the owner once used. The cap that covers the electrodes retracts inside the body of the lighter and the start button is located right beneath it. It also has a safety feature that disables the button once the lid is closed.

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Best Plasma Lighter Gift – Useful Thingy’s Dual Arc Lighter

Apart from an elegant gift box, Useful Thingy’s Dual Arc Lighter is great for gifting because it comes with two lighters in a package. There are also several designs to choose from, making it easier to select the appropriate one for the person you are gifting it to.

Best Dual Arc Lighter – SaberlightSparq

With its cylindrical, stainless steel body, SaberlightSparq will nicely fit into your modern and stylish kitchen, just the thing you want at your home. The design allows for easy lighting of candles, as it can reach inside a bowl and light the wick at the bottom. Despite being the oldest lighter on our list, it is still among the best, due to its careful and thoughtful design. Its versatility will easily compensate for its somewhat higher price.

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