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Life Lately – September Edition

The moth of September seemed to just fly by – one minute it’s still summer and now there is a slight –stress very slight – chill in the air. Apparently, Mother Nature has decided that sweater weather is not an option right now here in Philly.  So far, I have avoided the plethora of pumpkin bites and PSLs that I see everywhere but I will say that I am OBSESSED with the Iced Chile Mocha at the ‘bucks. My wallet – however – notsomuch.  Thankfully I can always make my favorite Spicy Mocha at home – chocolate whipped cream, of course, is optional.

This past month has been crazed to say the least between zipping back and forth to the cottage in Connecticut; testing and shooting recipes for October and, of course, just balancing all the things I have going on.  October looks to be just as busy – if not more.  I still have some fall premieres on the dvr that I need to watch but my favorite new shows are hard to pick.  So far – it’s a toss up between Macgyver (hello – George Eads – need I say more?), Designated Survivor (or as I call it – Jack Bauer is now President), and Bull (NCIS’s Dinozzo as a jury expert – fantastic.  Plus Hamilton‘s Chris Jackson aka George Washington is in the cast #herecomestheGeneral!).  I think I love the jury show the most as it reminds me of my trial days back in OTown – oh how I loved jury selection.  My training as a cable cop came in very handy when it came to vetting potential jurors.  Granted I have dipped out of the law life now but I still love a good legal drama.

One of the highlights of September happened just this week. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I was in New York City for a gorgeous event with Better Homes & Gardens. I will share all the details with you all soon but let’s just say there was so much inspiration around between the food, the décor and the amazing people there. The photo above is of the swanky chandelier that was in the hotel room – there’s something about the sunlight glimmering off of those prisms that had me enthralled and a gorgeous way to start the day.

The schedule for the NYC trip was packed so there wasn’t time for shoe shopping, Chelsea Market visiting, or to check out a show (and plus – Hamilton tix are essentially impossible to get) but there were a couple fabulous restaurants that we checked out and I have some recipes I need to recreate. Yesterday, as I was leaving the city, I saw that there was a pop-up concert with the one and only Lin Manuel Miranda at Gramercy Theater just a few blocks over from my hotel that evening. Talk about a temptation to tell the cab to turn back around so I could go but I knew that the pug and evil minx were staging a revolt and my train was calling.I also don’t think the cabbie would have listened – he was too busy screaming at various cab drivers and trucks that didn’t move quick enough for him.  The one time I get a cabbie without using my new favorite app in NYC – Curb.  I was able to get a cab essentially anywhere using that app – even in the rain!

I’m hopefully going to head back to NYC in a month or two for a weekend of shopping and catching up with some of my fave peeps but, until then, I have a packed October ahead including an evening listening to Anthony Bourdain speak here in Philly and I think the pug is going to be greeting trick or treaters this Halloween.  I might need a La Diabla cocktail or two that evening.

This month I am stoked to share some awesome recipes with you all, our Delicious Dishes recipe link party, perhaps a giveaway and some of my favorite fall finds that you will find helpful this holiday season!  You might be seeing some things changing around the site here as I’m going to be doing a bit of a renovation to make Cooking In Stilettos easier to navigate as well.

As always, if there is something you want to see – let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Happy October everyone!

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