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Cardio Vertical Climbing Machine From Maxi Climber Combined With Diet

If you are tired of driving another hour after work just to get more tired by doing exercises that you don’t find rewarding at all, then you should continue reading the text, because we found a perfect machine for you.  Losing weight or keeping shape is a lot more difficult than it sounds, and especially if you don’t have the right tools. It is clear that a healthy diet is not enough to give you that much-needed boost to reach the perfect shape, you will need to exercise also. Diet helps and combined with regular physical activity, you will soon get to see the results. You maybe don’t hate working out, but it sure wastes time going to the gym to use some tools. Well, if you like the comfort of your own home, Maxi Climber has developed an innovative and brand new vertical climber machine!

Maxi Climber is a machine for Cardio exercise and calorie-burning, designed to mimic the actions of Rock Climbing (or just scaling a wall or a mountain). While it mimics rock climbing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is for those who like this sport. It is designed to burn calories while toning muscles and increasing your grip, core, back, and lower body tone and strength. And all of it is a mere fraction of contributions you get from having one.  It is user-friendly, ergonomic when it comes to adjustment, but also stylish in design. It seems thin, but it is sturdy.


We’ll highlight some key features, pros, and cons in this Maxi Climber review.

What makes Maxi Climber unique is its adjustability to users height. Its ergonomic design won’t pose a problem. No matter if you are 5ft or 6ft, long arms or short legs, you choose your optimal setting. Along with its ergonomics, comes a lightweight, durable and compact design (neatly folds in two) so that you won’t have to worry about space usage.  Designers had one more thing in mind, arming the machine with non-slip rubber, so if you sweat a lot, you won’t have to worry about slipping and hurting yourself.  The Maxi Climber minds your time and patience, when it is delivered to your home, you won’t have to worry about setup, since it comes 90% pre-assembled.

If you just want to work out until you feel tired or bored, it’s okay. But Maxi Climber has a built-in workout timer with a series of pre-programmed workouts, which starts or pauses right after you jump on it or get off of it. Not only that it measures time, but you can also see how many steps you’ve performed and how many calories you’ve burned.  Pretty useful thing.

What makes Maxi Climber popular on the market is its use for a low-impact workout. Opposed to that is jogging or running, which is high-impact exercise, and the problem with it is, it affects joints and tendons. If you happen to have joint problems, or just want to save them from pain in the future, Maxi Climber is the right choice!

Why chose Maxi Climber?

There are plenty of cardio based machines on the market. Its uniqueness comes from its full body, low-impact, cardiovascular resistance training. It benefits you aerobically, while your muscles work as well, burning even more calories. It is like jogging and at the same time using dumbbells. That’s what makes it superior to other machines.  If proper training, you can expect to burn 500 calories in a one-hour workout.

So to summarize, pros are, it is light-weight, adjustable, durable and simple to use, burns fat and builds muscles. Only cons are it has a 240-pound limit and poor positioning of the console for monitoring. This machine earns the rating of “excellent,” and we highly recommend it!


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