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Coffee Machine: Things You Need To Consider Before Buying It

Although buying ground coffee seems convenient, the quality of coffee with freshly ground beans at home is still much higher. If you are a coffee lover but you do not necessarily have time to grind the beans every morning, the automatic coffee machine has become an essential device. Before buying the best coffee machine for home that grinds the grain, I recommend that you take into account the following criteria below:

No doubt, it has become really hard today to choose the right espresso machine or coffee maker from the variety of options available in the market. So, without further ado, let’s see what you need to pay attention to:

  • Power and pressure

You probably know that enough power is needed to make good espresso coffee. The values ​​supplied by the manufacturers should therefore not be overlooked: the power is stated in Watts and the pressure in bars. I advise you to eliminate any model under 1000 Watts and 10 bars.

  • Tank capacity

A grinder espresso machine has 2 tanks: one for water and one for coffee beans. Their sizes can be an important criterion depending on the number of people who drink coffee in your household.

Generally, the water tank has a capacity of 1 to 2 liters. Please note that the larger the size, the longer the machine will tend to be for preheating, which can cost you a lot of electricity over time. There are plenty of options with sizeable tank capacities at the buyers trend. Go ahead and check them out

  • Quality of the shredder

To make good coffee, you first need a machine equipped with an efficient percolator. The latter is equipped with conical metal grinding wheels which must allow a homogeneous result. Depending on the model, you can choose between several degrees of fineness before starting grinding.

  • Features

The perfect espresso will not be the same for different coffee lovers, and it is, therefore, necessary for the machine to allow multiple adjustments in order to obtain a result that is up to par. In particular, you should be able to choose the strength, finesse, and volume of water.

Likewise, if you opt for a high-end grain coffee machine, it is not uncommon for the model to be delivered with accessories such as a steam nozzle which are very useful for fans of Cappuccino!

  • Mark

The grain mark ensures the quality of the design and the reliability of the device. The best brands of grain coffee machines are De’Longhi, Krups, Bosch, Philips and Melitta. By choosing one of their many models, the risk of breakdown or malfunction drops considerably.

  • Price

Your budget will probably have an influence on your choice since the price range of grain coffee machines is very wide. Indeed, reliable entry-level models can be found below $300 while some professional espresso machines exceed the $500 mark

Which coffee to buy for your Grinder Espresso?

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The basis of a successful espresso lies in the quality of the coffee beans used. A high-end coffee machine will not compensate for poor quality beans, even if it can limit breakage. On the other hand, when you combine quality coffee beans with a professional coffee machine, you can achieve nirvana for the espresso lover!

In my experience, finding a good coffee bean in a large area remains mission impossible with some exceptions. Indeed, my advice is to go to a local roaster where you can taste different types of coffee from around the world. This remains the best way to find the perfect brand according to your tastes.

That said you can try the Kimbo, Illy Rouge and Malongo brands, which are easily found in supermarkets. Otherwise, you will have to move or order your coffee directly on the internet.

Nespresso or Espresso with Grinder

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In today’s world, we tend to favor convenience more than anything else. We try to do things quickly rather than doing them right. This is not a criticism, it is only an observation, and you have to think about it when making a decision about what can be a big purchase.

Today, capsule machines like Nespresso are selling more and more. They allow you to quickly get a good espresso, but not a perfect espresso. Indeed, a large espresso requires skill and time to improve. It requires a real espresso machine with grinder and freshly ground beans. No matter which way to turn the problem around, Nespresso capsules simply cannot match an old-fashioned espresso.

In addition, although capsule machines are cheaper than automatic coffee machines at the time of purchase, this price difference narrows over time as you drink coffee. By buying a real coffee maker, you invest a little more money at the start, but you save money afterward because coffee beans cost less than Nespresso capsules.

So, you can have fun doing your own calculation of your monthly needs and multiply by the cost of a capsule. It is very likely that the money you save by buying a capsule machine will be canceled within the year, a maximum of 2 years depending on the price of the grinder espresso. In short, the Nespresso machine is only worth the cost if you are particularly busy, if you are not good at operating an automatic bean machine, or if you are simply a coffee purist.

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