How To: Cut A Pineapple

Whenever I would see ripe pineapples standing at attention in the grocery store, I thought “Meh – I don’t have TIME to cut up a WHOLE pineapple – I’m BUSY! Heck – I don’t even know HOW to cut a pineapple!”

Recently, while doing my grocery shopping, I did my usual circle to the produce cooler to pick up the containers of diced fruit. While moseying over to grab a bag of cherries, another favorite must-have, I noticed that the whole pineapple was almost the same price as my little teeny container of diced pineapple goodness. The decision was made – I had to face my fear of the pineapple and in the cart it went, sending the teeny container of diced pineapple back to the shelf for another customer to love.

Can I confess something – I. Was. Stupid! Seriously – the hardest part was resisting the urge to eat the whole bowl. So simple and, for those others that fear the pineapple, let me show you how easy it is to go from one big pineapple to your own large container of diced pineapple sweetness.


Gather your tools: Pineapple, Sharp Chef’s Knife, Cutting Board. How easy is that?

How To Cut A Pineapple

I switched out the cutting board for a plastic one in case it got TOO juicy. Time to cut off the stem in one swoop. Also, you need to cut off the base to make a solid surface.

Cutting Off Pineapple Stem

Using your knife, cut down the sides, removing the rind and eyes.

Cutting Off Pineapple "eyes"

See that core – you don’t want to eat that. It can be really bitter.

The Pineapple Core - Where Is It?

Slice into quarters, around the core, much like you would do with a mango and then dice. It’s that easy.

Fresh Pineapple Chunks

Mmmmmmm… Pineapple.


Have you ever sliced and diced a pineapple? Have any tips and tricks to share?

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