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Natural remedies for common conditions

Because we are exposed to stressful situations we often suffer from serious headaches and sleep depravations, spicy food can cause nausea, and so on. What do we do in these situations? We take a pill and hope we will feel better soon. Pills can often solve our problems quickly, but the bad thing is that, if used long-term, they can have serious side effects. Because of this, we have gathered a list of natural remedies that can alleviate your symptoms.

Let’s start with the most common ailment – a headache. Many different things can cause it, from stress to dehydration, and everything in between. We tend to take ibuprofen or aspirin as soon as we start feeling this discomfort. Instead of taking a drug, why don’t you try some herbs? Feverfew and Butterbur have been proven to reduce the severity of a headache. If you suffer from migraines, you should regularly take magnesium and coenzyme Q10.

If you feel nausea, ginger is the natural remedy you need. Many studies have shown the healing benefits of ginger, and you can read all about them on It improves digestion by enhancing the mobility and tone in the GI tract. The next time you feel sick, you should drink a cup of freshly made ginger tea. Also, you can add a bit of it to your daily smoothie meals to prevent nausea and sickness from happening.


Did you know that Arnica is an effective treatment for sore muscles? It has been used for hundreds of years to alleviate this type of pain. It comes in creams and gels you can use, and also in the form of sublingual homeopathic pills. However, you should be careful since the former ones can cause a mild allergic reaction such as a rash. Similarly, when it comes to joint pain, curcumin is the perfect natural medicine. According to Dr Natura, it has been proven to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. It works the same as any pain killers, but it doesn’t pose a threat to your health when used over a long period of time.


Furthermore, if you are suffering from insomnia or feel like you haven’t had a good night sleep in a long time, you should try lavender. Many people associate this plant with a beautiful garden, but we promise you, it will improve the quality of your sleep. All you have to do is to add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath and relax.

Another common problem that affects almost everyone from time to time is constipation. This can happen due to bad diet, dehydration, intolerance to certain types of food, irregular sleep schedule, and so on. The remedy of this is a combination of magnesium and citric acid that relax and stimulate the intestines.

Spicy food can cause heartburn, which can be extremely uncomfortable. It happens when the digestive juice in your gut go back to your throat and cause irritation. Apple cider vinegar can help you with this problem. It works best when mixed with digestive bitters in a glass of water and sipped during the meal.


Lastly, we cannot conclude this article without mentioning natural remedies to fight off a common cold. Increase the intake of vitamins, which means you should eat more fruits and vegetables, and also drink a lot of hot beverages like herbal tea.

All in all, these are some natural medicine that can help you alleviate the symptoms of common conditions. Clearly, if any of these turn into a chronic condition, you should visit your doctor immediately to find the cause of the problem.

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