What To Know About Rolled Ice Cream Catering

Rolled ice cream is one of the recent dessert trends and would be perfect to serve for your event. In this case, the cream base is poured onto an icy surface before being rolled out and thinly spread using the spatulas. Your dining guests will be impressed if you offer ice cream rolls at a party or celebration because they add elegance and trendiness to your dessert menu.

Ice cream rolls are what they call them

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Street food gave rise to rolled ice cream, which is also referred to as fried ice cream. These were specially made for the seller and used an icy metal surface with stretch-and-fold method. As foodies began posting pictures and videos on social media, rolled ice cream gained global popularity.

Ice cream bases comprise creams/milk, sugars, and flavorings. It is because special cold machines are necessary to prepare, stir, spread, or chop it together with metal spatulas on an ice-cool liquid base, which freezes very fast.

Why should rolls be preferred in a catered event?

Providing ice cream rolls will undoubtedly put your dessert counter ahead of others. The catered event will give the guests fancier and more mouthwatering  sweet desserts than can only be found in local supermarkets. You will not find a better deal than having a professionally crafted roll served. It happens when your catering is a fun concept your guests would enjoy even years later.

A remarkable aspect of rolled ice cream that can fit into catering services is the fun way to prepare it. If your company is small or you need money, you can ask the ice cream vendor to serve freshly made scoops in front of the guests. It is an exciting gastronomic entertainment that makes people yell when they see frozen ribbons taking shape and being covered with fruit, cookies, nuts, candies, and sauces on top of them. If you eventually choose to go with ready-made ice cream, you may still send pictures showing how it was prepared so that people will know what tasty treat awaits them.

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Rolled ice cream has numerous flavor combinations that can be created by mixing different ingredients in the freezer or adding them to basic formulas before a party occurs. Toppings provide another unique element as one samples different types of toppings.

It is fantastic for rolled ice creams to work perfectly with various dietary constraints.  Thankfully, one goes very well with an ice cream roll. Vegans and other dairy-avoiding guests can also have a full meal while enjoying with everyone if they provide non-dairy bases, such as coconut or almond milk. The inclusion of fruity flavors, as well as herbal dressings, should eliminate some of these disadvantages. You need to ensure that the caterer explicitly marks the allergens-free section.


The ice cream roll will be an exciting delight for kids and not-so-kids when they get this sweet sense and decadent treat this holiday. Its preparation is no less exciting than twist ‘n’ rolls and limitless flavors. Consult experienced catering services to understand how to serve this modern takeaway dish at your next event.

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