Top 11 Thai Dishes you Must Try in 2024

You don’t have to fly to Thailand to experience Thai cuisine. Even though you must agree, heading there comes with more than just-food. Well, for your adventure and trying out new things, Thai food is a delicious option for your taste buds.

Renown for the hot spicy taste, Thai food uptake has been on the rise in recent years. Evidence is rife from the Thai restaurants that are sprouting all over. Even better, do you know you can make these recipes yourself in the comfort of your home?

You only need a few ingredients and follow the recipe. Hot spices are a must, though, for the authentic feel. No Thai food is complete with the peppery taste to it.

Now that you have the basic about this type of food, here are suggestions to try out as you embrace the new Thai wave:

1. Kao Pad (Fried Rice)

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A typical Thai dish, Kao pad, brings a new exciting twist to your rice. With a few ingredients, Kao is not the most stringent Thai food to make. The dish works with chicken, shrimp, or eggs. Serve with a side of lime or sauce for extra taste.

2. Banana pancakes

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An easy and fun way to make dessert, the recipes for banana pancakes are mainly the banana and coconut. It also includes rice, flour, salt, sugar, and cream. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, finishing off with the coconut oil. Steam for 20 minutes.

3. Som Tum (Papaya salad)

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Green Papaya is available at almost every turn in Thai. Therefore a dish made from it is a hit. With origins from northeastern Thailand, Som tum is delicious and easy to make. You make it by mixing garlic, seasonings, peanut butter, and the green papaya.

4. Chicken Satay

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These are more like the standard chicken on sticks. The only difference with the Thai variation is that it is grilled or boiled after marination in Thai soup. Serve with a side of peanut for a fantastic dinner or appetizer.

5. Oxtail soup

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If you are into culinary, then you have most probably interacted with oxtail soup. Unlike the typical oxtail soup, the Thai version is more spicy hot. The spices give a distinct taste to your meat. Making oxtail needs early preparation as it requires a lot of simmering and spices. Those who find it challenging to consider taking cooking classes at Cookly, as part of the great lessons.

6. Guay Tiew Rua (Noodle Soup)

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One of the most delicious Thai main course dishes that can never disappoint. The noodle soup is made with meat broth and the typical spicing. You are free to serve with seafood, chicken, or pork.

7. Laap

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If you are into minced meat, then laap will work out for you. It takes the form of minced meat and includes lime juice, fresh herbs, and fish sauce seasoning. Serve with sticky steamed rice.

8. Green Curry

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That is one of the best starting points for exploring Thai dishes. It combines the coconut and other spices for a refined herbal taste. Eat with rice.

9. Salted fish

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Salted fish is a simple dish that you should be anticipating when it comes to Thai foods. Opt for either barbecue made or pan-fried and include seasoning for the tastier outcome.

10. Yam

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Yam is mostly served as a side dish or a snack. It combines seafood or meat with other herbal species and dressing. Pair with pork or shrimp.

11. Thick Noodle Dish

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Even though Thai cuisine is famed for the spicier side, a thick noodle dish allows you to enjoy the meal minus the spices without losing the taste. Make the dish by stir-frying wide rice noodles with beef, pork, or chicken in a thick soy sauce. Afterward, add either cabbage or broccoli.

Don’t feel restricted though, brighten up the meal by introducing dried chili or vinegar.

Tips on How to Enjoy Thai Foods

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Now that you have some of the best Thai foods to try. Use these tips to ensure you have a worthy experience:

  • Go for Fresh Products

Whether you are making the meal by yourself or buying from a hotel, everything has to be fresh. Anything that is not fresh will not taste great and might cause health problems like stomach upset. Be keen when shopping to notice stale products or anything that doesn’t look good.

  • Tone down on the spices

Taking too many spices when you are not used to can be uncomfortable. Feel free to order foods with as little spices as possible. In case the soup is spicy, order for other non-spicy food like steamed rice to help reduce the effect. Even if you think you have a good spice game, order a less spicy one for the beginning. Also, there are several non-spicy Thai foods to try.

  • Eat as a Group

Are you looking to add more fun to your exploration? Include a group of friends or family to share notes on your experiences and decide on the best dishes to try out. Also, Thai dishes are for sharing. By including others, you are not only sharing the fun but also living in line with the traditions.

  • Combine all Food

Your period of trying out Thai food is where you forget all about the meal arrangement you have ever mastered. Thai cuisine does not provide for starting with soup, then the main course or anything of the sort. Whatever is ready first gets served first. For example, feel free to mix whole fish, salad, and dips. The only exception is a dessert which comes last.

Bottom Line

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Trying out Thai food is an experience you will savor for a long time. Other than delicacy, it is easy to make. Even though famed for its spicy nature, there are several non-spy dishes for beginners. Even friends and family to make the experience more fun.

Are you ready to try your hand at some fine Thai dining? Start with this selection and share with us how it pans out.

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