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Are Meal Delivery Services Worth It? Butcher Box Share These 7 Tips

In today’s technologically advanced world, you can pretty much order anything online and have it delivered to your doorstep. What if that anything includes raw chunks of beef, would you still click order? This Butcher Box review shares benefits and tips of why you should try online meat delivery services.

What happens when your life gets too busy to make your regular dashes to the grocery store? It not only gets hectic to shop regularly but you also miss out on your favorite meat delicacies. Fortunately, meal delivery services will get your choice of meat delivered conveniently at your doorstep. And there is more!

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1. Fresh Meat Options

How fresh is the pre-packaged meat products you buy from your local supermarket? Well, you would say 100% fresh but do you still get the authentic flavor of freshly cut meat? Absolutely not and it’s because of the freezing method meat companies use to package their products.

Meat delivery services use what is called flash freezing. This is a technique where the meat is frozen quickly at very low temperatures. This quick freezing prevents the meat from forming ice crystalize which drain out of the meat together with the flavors. Flash freezing not only keeps meat fresh but also preserves the authentic flavors you love.

2. Expand Your Meat Options

Meat delivery services are your best score at getting meat varieties you haven’t tried before. If you have always gone for a ribeye or T-bone, you can get other variants of beef, pork, and poultry meats. It could be top sirloin steak, premium steak tips, or boneless country-style ribs. Other alternatives include pork loin roast, NY strip roast, or pork stir fry tips.

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3. Get 100% Organic Meat

Did you know that only 1% of meat produced in the USA is 100% organic? This means only a few households get to enjoy fresh cuts that are not only tasty but healthy.  Meat delivery services are your chance of sampling 100% grass-fed meat sourced from reputable local farms.

Most local farms producing organic meat do not have an active advertising platform. The only way of getting their grass-fed and pasture-raised products to the consumers is through meat delivery companies. So, you are extremely lucky if you get to be one of the 1% enjoying organic meat in America.

4. Additional Benefits Like Recipes

Where else would you get meat delivered to your doorstep with an assortment of recipes in the package? Besides having an assortment of meat cuts to try out each day, you also have the recipes to prepare the most tantalizing meal out of them. The recipes keep changing, so it could be T-bone soup this month and spicy tandoori chicken next month.

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5. Enough Meat Portions To Last You Months

In your delivery, you get an assortment of meat cuts to last you 3 to 4 meals. Since your meat is flash frozen, you can store the rest for later use, and it will still taste as fresh as it was packaged. Most companies deliver once or every three months, so you are certain you will never run out of meat.

6. Subscribe for your T-bone steak

Since you already subscribe to monthly magazines or pet food products, why not also add a monthly meat subscription on your tab. This way, no matter how busy or hectic life gets, you always have enough meat products for your family. The best part is, you can choose to subscribe to one type of product, all-beef box, or have a custom box with an assortment of meat cuts, like beef-chicken or beef-pork.

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7. Value For Money

As a regular shopper, you are always looking for value for money when restocking on groceries. With meat delivery companies, it is possible to spend as little as $5 on a meal enjoying the meat cuts you love. In a month, you could spend on average $150 for a whopping 14lbs of 100% organic meat.


Meat delivery services like Butcher Box not only provide convenience but ensure you are feeding healthy regularly. Only 1% of Americans enjoy pure organic meat cuts, and you should be part of this statistic.

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