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Dieting and hair loss

There are many different reasons why a lot of people suffer from hair fall. Just think about stress, illnesses or medicines but it can also be heritable and it can also be… your diet. There has to be a variety of vitamins and minerals to combat hair fall, or at least to reduce it. If you have not enough of these vital nutrients in your diet or when you decide to lose weight fast then your diet can result in hair fall instead of weight loss!


Extreme diets and hair fall

If you have an extreme diet to lose weight then it probably doesn’t contain enough vitamins to keep you and your hair healthy. This is one of the most reasons why you suffer from hair fall. Sometimes those diets get the name crash diets, simply because your body will crash because of your unhealthy diet!


According to the, many diets can give you serious health problems, inclusive hair loss. Some diets that are extreme: The Atkins diet, The South Beach diet en other diets where you have to take pills. Also when there are laxatives in your diet to lose weight fast, it can (and probably will) be possible that the body doesn’t have enough time to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your hair! That’s why it is better to avoid this kind of diet and to follow a healthy diet that is made by your own doctor or health specialist. They know what they are doing and they can see what they need to include to stop your hair fall.

Food that has an effect on hair fall and growth

There are a lot of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to produce healthy hair. If your body doesn’t get these, then it will change its production of hair which will result in weakened hair shafts and thus make you lose hair. Sometimes, can you add some simple healthy nutrients to reduce hair loss?

Below is a list that contains food that will foster your hair production:

  • Fruit: melon, berries, bananas, oranges, apples
  • Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, endive, etc.
  • Dairy (low fat): milk, cheese, and eggs for the vitamin B12 and proteins it contains.
  • Lean meats and substitutes: chicken, nuts, fish and lean beef. These lets you supply the hair follicles of the vitamins they need to keep your hair healthy and grow.
  • Water: drinking at least one liter of water per day will help maintain the transportation of the nutrients to your hair.


Like you can read above, a healthy diet for your hair is almost the same as a diet to lose weight. By eating less fat and sweets and eating at the same time more food from the list above will reduce your hair fall and keep you healthy.

Vitamins vs hair fall

To reduce or prevent hair loss, a healthy eating habit is the first step. But sometimes it can be difficult to get enough vitamins from food alone. This certainly applies to some people who are unable to digest foods (allergies or lactose intolerance). If so, it is wise to take vitamin supplements. You can choose to receive the vitamin supplement that you lack, or you can take multivitamins where occupants include the following:


By adapting your diet, so that it contains the proper nutrients, or by taking vitamin supplements you can dramatically reduce hair fall and keep it healthy and shiny, and that’s what we all want isn’t it?

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