Top 6 Brilliant Kitchen Appliances For Effortless Gourmet Meals

Cooking at home is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. It is also the healthiest choice you can make for your nutrition as you know exactly what ingredients you use for your meals. And, in our free time, we would all love to cook more at home and experiment with new ingredients and try MasterChef types of recipes.

Yet, it’s easier said than done. And, when you had a long day at work and a thousand more house chores are waiting for you, cooking can seem like a daunting task. But it turns out that the food industry couldn’t understand your busy schedule more than it does today. These days, there are a number of kitchen appliances that have been created especially to help even the busiest of us cook healthy and delicious meals as effortless as possible.

So, before you play that YouTube cooking tutorial, take a look at some of the most innovative kitchen appliances that can help you prepare gourmet meals that require preparation as minimal as chopping up ingredients and adding spices and sauces:

1. Aroma Housewares Rice cooker

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There are a number of delicious recipes online that include rice. And, most of them are said to be taking very little time and minimal effort. However, we all know that cooking rice isn’t just as simple as we would have thought.

You need to choose the right amount of rice, add the right amount of water, and to pay attention to it during the boiling time in order to avoid allowing it to stick on the bottom of the pot. So, that doesn’t sound easy at all. It is time-consuming and stressing because burnt rice is certainly not good for eating.

However, thanks to Aroma Housewares rice cooker, you will no longer have to pay attention to the rice while it is cooking. The rice cooker is perfectly suitable for all types of rice including brown, white, or wild and it can also be used to steam the meat and vegetables at the same time. You also don’t have to worry about adding the right amount of rice or water as it comes with a measuring cup and water level marks. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about monitoring or stirring the rice as once it has been cooked, the rice cooker will automatically switch to the keep-warm function.

2. BELLA streamer

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Picky kids? Aren’t you tired of cooking two different meals for you and your kids? This can be really frustrating and tiring. However, now you have a great way to cook two meals at the same time for you and your family members who prefer to eat something different.

The BELLA streamer includes two separate baskets that allow you to prepare multiple things at once. You can cook anything from fish to meat, vegetables, and eggs. This appliance is the best to have in your kitchen if you want to save time when cooking different things at once. Moreover, if you ever hosted a huge party and you have to cook a bigger amount of food, this will help you finish cooking a lot faster, making sure there is enough food for everybody.

3. Weber Kitchen Thermometer

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There is nothing more frustrating than having to keep an eye on the pot to know when the food is done. Moreover, there is nothing worse than pulling something off from the oven just a few minutes too late and having to throw the meal away.

The Weber Kitchen Thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of any dish you cook from meat to vegetables. You will never have to cut into your steak to make sure it is well-done. Moreover, the coolest part of it all is that you don’t even have to stay in the kitchen all the time to make sure you see when the numbers are rising on the thermometer. The thermometer can be connected to your smartphone through an app so your mobile device will let you know when the dish reaches the temperature you set.

4. Smoker Grill Combo

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We all love barbeque parties when the entire family gathers together to enjoy a delicious meal and to have fun. However, the cooking part isn’t always pleasant, especially if you have an old grill that makes the meat stick on it. But, what would you say about a smoker grill combo that almost cooks by itself? This type of grill and smoker is designed from steel and aluminum with not only that helps it retain heat but also ensures that the appliance is very durable. So, whether you like to eat smoked or grilled delicious steak, smoker grill combo is designed to help you cook both.  Click here for more information.

5. NutriBullet Balance

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Is there anything healthier and more delicious than starting your morning with a fruit smoothie after a workout? If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle and being more aware of your nutrition, you certainly need NutriBullet Balance in your kitchen.

No, this appliance is nothing like the average blender we all have in our kitchens. This is the innovative way of making sure that you have a healthy smoothie that won’t have an excessive amount of carbs, fat, or sugar. The NutriBullet Balance connects with your smartphone through an app that you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play where it will show you the nutritional value of any smoothie, juice or soup you prepare.

Meeting precise nutritional needs can be really difficult when you are on a special diet. However, with the measurement capabilities of this appliance, you will never have to worry about balancing the ingredients anymore.

6. Instant Pot Smart WIFI

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to just click on a button on your smartphone and have your meal ready by the time you get home from work? thanks to the Google Assistant Integration, you can use Instant Pot Smart WIFI to start and monitor any meal you want to cook through your mobile device. All you have to do is to throw in all the necessary ingredients and start your cooking from anywhere at any time.

Thanks to these 6 appliances, you will never feel intimidated by home cooking. Whether you lack the time or the skills to prepare healthy meals at home, these kitchen appliances offer you all the keys and shortcuts that will help you embrace all that your kitchen has to offer.

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