Do You Want to Plan a Wonderful Cocktail Party?

You want to throw a cocktail party for your friends, relatives, co-workers and all of their plus-ones. To set up a wonderful event without stressing yourself out with shopping, cooking and cleaning, you should turn to the pros at Drake One Fifty for help.

An Amazing Venue

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Your guest-list is getting longer by the minute. You’re not sure if your home can fit everyone inside. If you can’t host, you should consider booking Drake One Fifty for an evening.

It makes for an exciting event space. The building is part trendy restaurant, part art gallery. You can find masterpieces set up in every corner, which will make every one of your guests want to pull out their smartphone and take a picture. And if your phone is low on batteries, hop into the photo booth to grab a fun souvenir of the night.

Right now, the building is hosting the exhibit “On Repeat” with artwork from George Little, Ludovica Gioscia, Leah Guadagnoli and Dan Perkins. Previously, it featured creators like Susy Oliveira and Rebecca Ladds in its exhibit “Skin Deep, Skimming the Pages.”

Beyond the artwork, the venue also has a jaw-dropping design. The floor is covered in Moroccan tiles set in a mesmerizing geometric pattern. The front entrance is lined with steel-framed windows, letting guests peer at the bustling Financial District outside. And, you can’t miss the massive marble bar, stocked with shimmering liquor bottles and glassware.

Delicious Food

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You don’t have to worry about cooking when the catering is in the building. Drake One Fifty has a fantastic special events menu that guests will absolutely love. Set up a luxurious seafood tower with cracked lobster, chilled shrimp and shucked oysters. Or you can get the signature charcuterie station with cured meats and pickles directly sourced from the Drake Commissary in the Junction Triangle.

You can also order scrumptious canapes that servers will pass around while guests sip on cocktails and mingle. Get lobster hushpuppies with jalapeno aioli, wagyu steak tataki with charred green onion relish or fancy fries with truffle butter and pecorino.

A Stocked Bar

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You can’t forget about the drinks! Drake One Fifty has an impressive bar stocked with different types of beer, wine, cider and liquor. They even have a few temperance cocktails up their sleeves to cater to designated drivers and non-drinkers so that no one will feel like an afterthought.

Helping Hands

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The dedicated event planners at the Drake can help make the evening a complete success. For instance, if you’re hoping to have a Mariah Carey theme as a tribute to her legendary holiday albums, the planner can arrange for the DJ to play her greatest hits. Or if you’re hoping to give out party favors at the end of the night, they can help you get some exciting stocking stuffers like Drake gift cards or bite-sized desserts made by the caterers.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate, not to stress. Drake One Fifty can provide the best food, drinks, décor and music so that you can throw a wonderful event for your loved ones. The pressure is off. You can grab a drink and enjoy!

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