Introduction To Mead: The Nectar Of The Gods

Introduction To Mead

If you know your mead, you should be aware that the God of Thunder himself, Thor, enjoys a few tankards of the honey-based drink. Mead is known as the ‘nectar of the Gods’ for good reason; it is one of the world’s longest-remaining alcoholic beverages. Indeed, the ancient Greeks made the fermented combination of water and honey. You do not have to be of legal drinking age to enjoy some delicious non-alcoholic mead recipes either, just check out our website.

Who Made Mead

In terms of old alcoholic beverages, mead triumphs for sheer longevity alone. It can be dated back to ancient China around 7000 BC while the ancient Greeks believed it had magical properties. When consumed on top of Mt. Olympus, the Greeks thought it created a link to the Gods and immortality. Few drinks, let alone alcoholic ones, can be said to have stood the test of time so well.

As the Vikings crossed the oceans, they drank mead as it traveled so well. The alcoholic beverage is featured in Norse mythology and is even mentioned in Rigveda, a scripture which was important in what is now Hinduism. The Romans drank it too and mead recipes have been found to be dated to around 60 CE.

Who Made Mead


Classic literature also makes note of mead in classic literature such as Old English and Welsh poems. It has been drunk by many literary characters in books such as Lord of the Rings, The Canterbury Tales, and Beowulf.

The Antioxidants

Drinking mead can not only be a pleasure, it may even make you feel better. The alcoholic drink is known to have medicinal value due to its involvement of honey. As honey has so many antioxidants and nutrients, drinking mead can boost your digestive health and immune system. If you do feel under the weather or are suffering from a stomach ache then you should drink some mead but try to find metheglin which uses certain spices and herbs.

The Health Benefits Of Mead

Health Benefits Of Mead


As well as antioxidants, mead contains healthy bacteria which can ward off pathogens and help treat some infections. For diabetics, the honey can aid pre-existing conditions making it a healthy beverage to drink. Mead is also known for relieving stress, all from a relatively simple fermentation process. This is an all-natural drink made from base ingredients that fails to require any real processing.

As An Aphrodisiac

If you know the term ‘honeymoon’, you may not realize how it relates to drinking mead. The term relates to how drinking mead was said to be a medieval tradition around the moon cycle. This was a month after marriage and the drink was considered an aphrodisiac.

Its Varied ABV



Check out the ABV of a bottle of mead before you drink it as it can vary greatly. While it could be similar to a mild beer at 3.5%, that ABV can range to over 20%. At the higher end of that scale, the strongest mead has an ABV similar to that of fortified wine. Mead can be really easy to drink so look out for the label before you start drinking as it may make its effects known before long.

The Different Varieties Of Mead

Mead may just be honey mixed with water but it can come in different forms. That could be dry or sweet, still or sparkling. Many see mead as a simple drink and that is partly true yet with a brewing machine you can add spices, grains, fruits, or hops to create different varieties. It can have a delicate flavor though it can be made more complex if you want to change it up.

The Rise In Popularity

Popularity of mead


While mead may be one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages, it is enjoying a rise in popularity. There are mead festivals popping up around the world, including at medieval festivals. August the third is also National Mead Day, as decreed by the American Homebrewer’s Association. Even her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, enjoyed a drink of mead with some aromatics too.


Mead is known as the ‘nectar of the Gods’ but it is great for mere mortals to drink too. It is currently enjoying a rise in popularity and there are plenty of different varieties of the drink to enjoy. If you like it sweet, dry, sparkling, or still, you can find a variation to try and certainly enjoy. Do be careful with the ABV though as it can vary greatly from 3.5% ABV to 20% ABV.

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