Learn How To Whip Up A Luxurious Lobster Pasta

A lobster pasta does not need a long list of ingredients in order to taste incredible and encourage you to go up for a second helping. When you include really fresh ingredients and make the right flavor combinations, you will have a masterpiece on your plate.

Dealing with seafood can be tricky when you are cooking because it can be easily mishandled and make any recipe taste lackluster. It’s possible to prevent a culinary mishap when you order Maine lobster online instead of heading to a grocery store’s meager tank or frozen food aisle. You can buy lobsters that have been taken directly from the source of Maine fishing boats — grocery store lobsters are often away from the sea for several weeks before they reach your kitchen counter. You should use the website Lobster Anywhere to order live lobsters and have them delivered right to your home — they can ship your ingredients from Maine to your address in approximately twenty-four hours. Once you have them delivered, cook them whole and then break the claws, body and tail to get the succulent meat for your meal.

For the pasta, you can boil a big pot of water and toss in a box of spaghetti, capellini, fedelini or bucatini. Long thin noodles are ideal because they can soak up a sauce and twirl around the juicy chunks of lobster. Confident cooks can skip the box of dried noodles and form their own homemade spaghetti using large eggs, all-purpose flour, semolina flour, extra virgin olive oil, cold water and salt to make the dough. Run the dough through pasta rollers and cutters, and then hang it to dry on a lightly floured rack. Homemade noodles will not take as long to boil as dried store-bought options, so don’t turn your eyes away from your pot — you should be able to strain the water after only four or five minutes of cooking.


If you want to have a dish with a bit of a kick to it, you can cook a spicy lobster pasta with a sauce made with olive oil, butter, shallot, cherry tomatoes, lemon zest and crushed red pepper flakes. After heating up the sauce, add the lobster pieces and the noodles into the pan so that every inch is coated. You will want to serve a crisp and refreshing drink to cool tongues after every bite, so put a bottle of one of the best wines to pair with lobster in the fridge to chill before preparing the meal. For those who aren’t fans of wine, choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks that are light and flavored with citrus.


Best Wine Chenin Blanc
Best Beer Shandy
Best Cocktail Gin and Tonic with Lime
Best Mocktail Non-Alcoholic Lemon Spritzer


Once you get a handle on this type of pasta, you can try your hand at other delicious recipes like lobster macaroni and cheese or lobster ravioli. The moment that you taste your first forkful, you will wonder why this ingredient hasn’t been in all of your dishes from the beginning.

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