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Smoked Sausage with Beer Braised Onions


The main component of Smoked Sausage Sandwich with Beer Braised Onions that takes it up a notch is those beer braised onions.  I have learned that caramelized onions take a recipe from great to fabulous and if you add a fantastic beer to it and let that simmer away for 30 minutes or so and you will have a sandwich that is beyond “kicked up”.

Being in Pennsylvania, we have these lovely “state restrictions” where if we need to buy a 6 pack or so, you can’t just head to the local “packy” to pick one up.  You can often get a 6 pack in a bar but if you are going to a beer and soda store, you are going to wind up with a case.  That leaves NO room for experimentation in my book and if I’m going to buy a case of beer, it will be one that I drink often.  For a recipe that needs a beer “like Budweiser” and when you haven’t drunk Budweiser since college days, well, you know I’m going to find an alternative because I only cook with what I would actually drink (nothing against Budweiser – just a college thing, that’s all ? ).

All in all, this is definitely a “card game” worthy sandwich and, if you make this sandwich for your guy – expect him to spoil you rotten – it’s THAT good.

Here’s the play by play:

Gather your ingredients

A ton of onions but no tears!

Time to caramelize the onions

And adding the beer

Breaking out my fave double burner grill pan for the bread and the sausages

Sandwich Assembly Time

Now THIS is a Serious Sandwich!

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