8 Great Reasons To Use Matcha Powder As A Drink Ingredient

Life is good as you close your restaurant after another successful day, as many customers passed through the doors. You are extremely proud of the food you offer on the menu, but your establishment is more than a simple eatery, having a designated area and small garden where you specialise in drinks and cakes.

Your customer base is varied, but you have gained a growing support from fashionable youngsters who align themselves to the growing social media phenomenon. You know that your success is not just down to the ambience that you have created, but also the quality of the drinks that you serve, with matcha powder playing its part as an important ingredient for 8 great reasons.

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

  1. The drink is served both hot and cold, with its popularity going all the way back to the 11th century when Zen Buddhist monks would drink it as a way of staying awake for all night prayers. Samurai followed suit as they sipped it before going into battle, but it is enjoyed not just by the holy or warriors in modern times.
  2. You purchase matcha powder ready to be included in drinks from a company with an excellent reputation for providing a range of powdered drinks to cafes, restaurants, and bubble tea shops. They know exactly what is required and provide the products in various sizes. It can be the ideal breakfast drink to go alongside bread and homemade mixed berry jam.
  3. The Camellia sinensis plant provides matcha along with other green teas with the powder being formed after farmers have picked the crop of leaves and ground them. When served as, tea it provides a drink that is high in antioxidants which can help ward off chronic disease.
  4. Science reveals that several matcha components can boost the function of the brain, with the green tea leading to improvements in attention, reaction time, and memory.
  5. Studies point to matcha being a help to offering the liver protection with the organ being vital in flushing out toxins, metabolizing drugs, while processing nutrients.
  6. The heart is such a vital organ in the body, with some scientists believing that matcha can play a part in helping to protect against heart disease. Green tea is also a cure to reducing bad levels of LDL cholesterol.
  7. Many turn to green tea such as matcha because of its properties in assisting weight loss by speeding up metabolism which in turn increases energy and the ability to increase energy and then burn off excess fat. This can be assisted by heading out to exercise in some great bike spots around the city.
  8. Another health benefit comes through helping the prevention of cancer with matcha being full of health-promoting compounds.

Using matcha powder as an ingredient in your drinks provides many multiple health benefits to your customers as well as tasting good. They will be following history by enjoying the beverage that is quick and easy to make, meaning that they can be served and refreshed quickly.

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