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10 Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat (#7 is the Most Controversial)

Losing belly fat can be easier said than done. So you need simple ways to modify your lifestyle to lose weight. Such as these 10 foods that help fight belly fat effectively.

Why don’t you conduct a little experiment of your own? Go ahead and ask 10 people around you what their health goals are. And it’s most likely that the common thread to most goals is – weight loss.

When there are so many people looking forward to becoming fit. Why not consume fat-burning foods that help you shed that weight faster.

Consuming these foods in moderation can do wonders for your body. Pair it up with regular exercise, and you will start noticing results sooner.

So until that day comes, stay comfortable in the best shapewear for tummy pooch. And make the most of it because once you follow a healthy diet, you won’t be using it any longer!

10 Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat

#1 Avocado

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Avocados contain fewer carbohydrates and more healthy fats. Now I know what you must be thinking. How can healthy fats help fight belly fat?

A recent study proves that avocados can keep you full for longer. It affects body mass index and lowers your waist circumference. And it does a lot more to positively affect your blood serum levels.

All these factors affect weight loss, and more specifically, belly fat.

#2 Chickpeas

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Chickpeas have been a major part of traditional diets. It gives you plant-based protein along with essential vitamins and fiber. And this combination of nutrients makes chickpeas extremely low in calories and filling.

To be able to lose belly fat you need to stop binge eating unhealthy snacks. The only way to do that is by switching to a healthier alternative. That’s where chickpeas come in.

#3 Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are the secret yet special ingredient in traditional medicine. Apart from treating inflammatory diseases. It is one of the best 10 foods that help fight belly fat.

Tomatoes, when consumed in foods or juice form, can lower your waist circumference. It can pay a significant role in preventing weight gain.

#4 Onions

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When they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This should apply to onions too. Onions contain antioxidants and fiber that aid weight loss.

It is not only a fat-burning food, but it curbs cravings for unhealthy snacks. Quercetin, which is a calorie-burning antioxidant, works your belly fat. The proof of which is found in the recent study on overweight and obese subjects. Making it the best out of the 10 foods that help fight belly fat!

#5 Citrus Fruits

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This is a well-known ‘calorie secret’ that potassium in citrus fruits helps you slim down. It does this by reducing inflammation and fighting the stomach bloat. Bloating can make you feel fatter than what you really are.

And by giving you plenty of water and potassium, you can burn calories effectively.

#6 Green Leafy Vegetables

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Anything green that you consume is good for your health. Vegetables like kale, spinach, and Swiss chard do more than detoxify your body. They contain fat-burning nutrients that keep your muscles active even after exercising.

The vitamins provide nourishment to the bones. So you won’t feel the need to eat anything else to boost stamina. Leafy greens do enough to reduce fat storage in the body.

#7 Coconut

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Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil contains healthy fats. And these healthy fats do not cause weight gain. In fact, they balance your hormones while maintaining a healthy thyroid. All of which contributes to weight loss and decreasing belly fat.

#8 Banana

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Banana is a superfood and one of the best 10 foods that help fight belly fat. Now you may think that bananas are only good for increasing stamina. And they contribute to belly gain and not weight loss.

But this study proves how effective bananas are for fighting belly fat. Potassium, present in citrus fruits too, can reduce bloating. And they have a low calorie and high fiber content. So bananas keep you full for longer!

#9 Whole Grains

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Whole grains are always the popular choice for people who want to lose weight. Foods like brown bread, brown rice, and brown pasta can make a big difference. They curb metabolic dysfunction, reduce inflammation, and so on.

But for weight loss, they’re the most effective. People consuming whole grains are better able to manage their weight than refined grains.

#10 Cayenne Pepper

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The current understanding of cayenne pepper is that it is anti-obesity. So feel free to consume dietary chili pepper in small quantities daily. It can benefit weight loss due to the presence of capsaicin compound.

This active compound in cayenne pepper has significant fat-burning and antioxidant properties. It burns calories, reduces inflammation, and treats arthritis.

Now, you have a good reason to dive into the world of spicy foods. And for a good cause, no less!


What did you make of this best 10 foods that help fight belly fat article? Does it have anything you needed to know about weight loss? And what you can do, from today onwards, to shed a few pounds.

These 10 foods that help fight belly fat also boost energy levels. Add them to your diet, and you’ll look or feel unhealthy again!

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