5 Best Kitchen Design Ideas for Busy Moms in 2024

The most important place in every home beside the living room, is surely a kitchen, especially for busy people who only finds time to talk with their families during their lunch or dinner. That is the main reason why most people design their kitchens to be comfortable and functional.

Busy moms especially need to have a proper design of a kitchen, because it would make it easier for them to accomplish all of their duties along with providing their children and family with breakfast in the morning, before going to work.

There are various types of design solutions for kitchens, and we have selected five of them that we find the most efficient, attractive, and comfortable. Also, for more kitchen design ideas, you can visit Home Refinery, where you can find lots of modern solutions for your entire home.

1. Multifunctional Design

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There is a trend today where people are designing kitchens where everything should be at your fingertips. Usually, that represents a kitchen where there is a bar on the center for breakfast and one or two working spaces on the side. It would be much easier to serve meals when you eat in the kitchen. Also, you can prepare the food and watch for your kids at the same time.

This design has a lot of other advantages since it recreates the whole space into a gathering room, where you can have your breakfast or dinner, and in some situations, if the kitchen is big enough, you can recreate the whole space into a dining room, where you can make your food and serve it just behind your back. This type of design is a perfect solution for people who are always in a hurry and don`t have enough time to spend with each other.

2. Custom Cabinets and Appliances

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If there is enough space in your kitchen, you could improve its functionality by recreating the working space to be similar to a bar, with bar chairs around it. Also, there are many options for customized appliances such as dishwasher, cooktop, oven, freezer, that could be installed in your preferred design and take up less space.

With this type of design, the kitchen will get a modern look with the ability to have a comfortable and functional space, where you could easily deal with watching over the kids while you are preparing food. This design represents another great solution for families where both parents have their daily jobs.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are so many types today, that it would take too much space in your kitchen if you have most of them. However, some of them can be beneficial, like speed cook oven, that could help you to make breakfast much faster, which is especially important for working mothers. Other useful devices that you should have are the beverage center, food processor, slow cooker, and a coffee grinder.

3. Combination of Modern and Attractive Space

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With the advancements in technology, today we have many devices that can make us easier to prepare food and wash dishes. However, having so many kitchen appliances can affect the design of space. If you are someone who finds it very important to have an artistic design of every space in your home, some ways could help you to combine both the nice and the useful.

Built-in kitchen parts with space for kitchen appliances is the perfect solution for people who watch over the appearance in front of functionality. Also, with a combination of proper lightning, you could manage to design the kitchen by your taste, and still be able to keep all of those necessary devices that can help you in faster preparation of various meals.

However, if the style of your kitchen is more minimalistic and modern, there are many devices with the same style that would fit perfectly on every kitchen element. You could buy a toaster, coffee machine, and the mini bread oven in the same color, that would look perfect in the kitchen, and make it easier for you to deal with every meal of the day.

4. Eco-Friendly Design

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If you are someone who finds it very important to be environmentally conscious, you can design your kitchen and fill it with elements and devices that could help you to recycle your food and garbage, and to spend less electricity and water. There are many solutions today, that you can use as a replacement to plastic, or any other material that is doing more harm than good to our environment.

Also, you can use this design and functionality to teach your kids how important it is for our planet to stop wasting food, water, and energy. For example, you can install a cabinet with a special pull-out for recycling, add a faucet filter, and look for kitchen appliances that spend less electricity.

Usually, the eco-friendlier devices have a badge of Energy Star of them, which is a symbol that defines that product as more energy-efficient. Moreover, you should always check the reviews of some product before buying it, to be sure that it works correctly, and doesn`t waste too much electricity.

5. Smart Storage and Food Organizer

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Sometimes it can be annoying to collect and wash all those dishes after lunch. However, there is a smart option, where you can install a rod under your sink, where you can collect all of the dishes and store it before placing it in the dishwasher. You will save a lot of space and energy this way.

Additionally, to continue with hidden places in the kitchen that you can use as storage, you can use the best out of every element if you organize every part of it to have a better purpose. For example, you could place the baking sheets, saucepan, and the pot, in the first element near the oven, and sort out everything in the kitchen to be at your fingertips. Buying a storage rack is another great answer for a better layout of all plates, spices, cutlery, and everything else in the kitchen.

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