Food And Wine Pairing Rules Everyone Should Know

Drinking wine with food is a common cultural practice in many countries. But it is unhealthy to drink alcohol with any random food. You must know the perfect match of wine and eatables so that your health does not suffer.

An imbalanced diet can ruin your digestive functions and make your health worse. It is good if you learn the common pairings of alcohol with complementing food items that work perfectly with your body. For some people, it is complex to understand the right combination of food and drinks.

If you are also struggling with similar issues, then this write-up can help you determine them. You must explore all the wine with food pairing rules and follow them. Occasionally, you can experiment with different combinations to change the taste and check whether your body can digest it. But you must remember the right combinations and prioritize your health.


1. Consider Similar Weight for Both

You might be confused by reading the term weight. But it is not about kilos or fixed weight. It is about matching different wine types with food items. You should always consider light-styled wine in case you are taking edibles lighter in fat. Again, the case is the same with heavy-weighted drinks.

You can consider lightweight fish or other poultry items, and you can take delicate wines. It is good to go with white or light reds with considerably low tannin. When it is about medium weight, you can keep chardonnay with prawns. But heavy-weight eatables like meat work well with full-bodied red wines like Shiraz.

2. Matching the Flavor by its Character and Intensity

You need to pick wine and eatables of the same flavor that matches well with each other. You can understand similar flavors by a simple example, i.e., eating fish marinated with lemon sauce with citrus wine. Similar is the case with the mild flavors.

If you are considering significant food items, you can open a bottle of high-quality alcohol and take it with any meal. It is also necessary to check the richness of the food you consume with your alcoholic drink. If you love to eat creamy chicken, then you must go for the rich chardonnay. You can buy any matching good-quality wine with food from CargoWineClub.

3. Consider the Acidity Health Issue

Generally, you can have high-acid-containing wines with oily food as it helps in cleansing your palate. It is perfect to have with creamy curries and other rich butter dishes. But if you consume a salad with an acidic dressing prepared with vinegar, you can go for pinot.

You may be comparing wines of hot and cold climates. The cold ones are quite acidic than the hot ones. If you visit any cool place, you can have rich as well as creamy food with high-acid-containing wines.

4. Avoid Mixing Tannin and Salt

With the help of different acidic-flavored wines, you can easily balance the food’s saltiness. But you can also prefer an alcoholic drink with a bit of sweetness to control the salty nature of the food.

It is better to prefer sweet alcoholic drinks with salty food but avoid adding salt with tannin. It will cause a slightly bitter taste which will taste unpleasant. If you consider having dry-type wine and consume salty food that contains low tannin, it can cause acidity. You can also consider having fruity-flavored wines.

5. Serve Sweet Wine When Food is Served

It is necessary to serve wine in a sweeter taste while serving the food on the table. But if any food item you are consuming is sweet, then it can convert the dry wine acidic, and it will be harmful to your health.

But sweet alcoholic drinks have controlled acidity levels and it tastes good as well. Undoubtedly, you can experience food richness. Salt will also be balanced if you follow this formula. You can consume delicious food along with wine as per your customs.

6. Spicy Food and Wine


Sweet-type wines will not taste good with spicy food. Thai or Asian food is made with hot chilies, and a bit of sweetness can ruin its flavor. If you desire to enjoy your spicy food, you must drink spicy wines.

If you prefer to consume sweet and spicy flavors that will also match better. It is necessary to manage the alcoholic drink’s taste, and the food you are consuming together. You must match them and prefer to experience the same flavor as well as taste. You will continue having a similar taste on your tongue without any issues.

7. Pairing with Any Sauce

You must learn some simple techniques like complimentary as well as congruent food-wine pairing. One may not know about these tricks, but it is crucial to balance the right taste of the wine with eatables. If you are consuming anything which is prepared with lemon or any citrus sauces, then you must pair it with chardonnay.

But if you are eating meat or anything heavy, you must pair it with Shiraz. Even if there is no sauce in your food, you can go with any kind of wine that matches well with the food as already mentioned. A proper match will give you a fantastic taste as well as experience. Therefore, you must know all the techniques to eat right and better.

Final Thoughts


If you are fond of drinking wine with your meal, you may not be aware of the perfect combinations. Undoubtedly, many people do not determine what to consume correctly. Imperfect combinations can imbalance the taste as well as the flavor of the item you eat. You must be selective while matching your wine with your food.

The perfect combination will help you get the best taste and experience every time you consume them. If you are concerned about your health, then you must follow all the pairing rules mentioned above and eat things correctly. It may take time to understand the right combinations, but once you understand them, you will not.

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