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These 8 Types Of Food Can Make You Look Younger

It’s no secret that the food we eat can affect our health, but it can also have an effect on how we age. No, it can’t reverse aging, we all have to go through that whether we wish it or not, but we don’t have to look older just because we’re getting older. Anyone who saw Benjamin Buttons longs for a bit of what he has, but since we’re no Benjamin Buttons, we have to search for other ways to make ourselves look younger. When you look younger, you start feeling younger and that’s why we put together a little list of what you can start adding to your diet in order to feel young and energized.


Sardines are a healthy and low-fat source of proteins. Unlike red meat that contains a lot of proteins, but also fat and the bad kind of cholesterol – LDL-cholesterol, sardines are packed with Omega-3 and vitamin B12 making it the best kind of food to reverse, or at least slow down aging.

Green tea

Green tea can do so much good for your skin and health. It is said that it can prevent oxidation damage and that it contains photo-protective polyphenols that can help with sun damage. However, you don’t want to overdo it since it can cause problems with your digestive tract if taken in huge amounts.


Everyone likes them and they’re easy to find, so it will be easy to start consuming them a bit more often. They are full of antioxidant- lycopene, which can prevent the breakdown of collagen making your skin firmer and more elastic.

Dark chocolate

Another food everyone loves, chocolate. The catechins in dark chocolate can have an amazing effect on your body since they protect it from UV rays.

However, if you’ve tried everything, and you’re ready to move on to more invasive ways of making yourself look younger, you can always consider Botox and Scar Laser Treatments. They’ve become very popular in the last few decades thanks to their effectiveness.


Nuts act as an amazing substitute for dairy products. You do, however, want to avoid the shop brands since they’re full of sugar and preservatives. Pistachios have an anti-inflammatory substance that can help strengthen the skin.


They’re becoming extremely popular and for a good reason. They have amazing effects on your nails and hair, while also acting as antioxidants. There are numerous different ways you can consume avocados which makes them great anti-aging food.


Perhaps not everyone’s favorite food, this underrated vegetable has a lot to offer. They don’t have a lot of calories, they contain a lot of fiber and are delicious in salads.


During the summer, no one has to remind you to eat a watermelon. Everyone enjoys them and, luckily, they are also great for us! Since they are mostly water, by consuming them we are hydrating while reducing the intake of calories to a minimum. Water helps keep your skin elastic and youthful. Another thing that comes with water and watermelons is an increased production of collagen meaning fewer dimples and marks on your skin. Like tomatoes, watermelons also contain the antioxidant lycopene, that protects the skin from oxidative damage.

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