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Treat Inflammation With Acupuncture

Inflammation is something we all experience from time to time, and it isn’t a pleasant condition whatsoever. Caused by stress, injury or some bigger medical conditions inflammation is something people usually try to treat with medications. But, is it really the way? Apparently, those medications can have certain side effects, and some can even lead to prolonged inflammation in the long term.

Wait, what then? Well, one of your answers might be acupuncture. If you don’t already know, it is a few thousand years old Eastern methods that work by applying needles to determined pressure points and thus relieving pain and inflammation (heat and pressure are used in the process as well). What happens is that chi is redirected (the vital energy) and goes straight to the pressure point thus helping your body fight throughout. Now, although it has been a practice especially popular in Chinese culture, Western doctors have started exploring and suggesting the effects of it as well.

But how and does it really work? Let’s take a look!

Effect Of Medications On Inflammation

As you might already know the problem with medications is that it affects the body by blocking the immune response and thus preventing pain. So long story short it’s not that medications are helping you treat inflammation but rather block the fact that you are still experiencing pain through preventing immune response. This can in help you short term, but in the long one, you might be doing yourself more bad than good. As medications hinder your body’s ability to fight blood flow to the area may be restricted as well and the nutrients needed may never arrive. And if we are talking about cortisone injections, you may be prone to certain infections of which some are pretty serious and potentially life-threatening.

Thus it is safe to say that medications aren’t the best way of treating inflammation there is – but can acupuncture really help you?

Effect Of Acupuncture On Inflammation

Retrato do Dr. Marcus Yu Bin Pai. (Foto Marcelo Justo)

As mentioned above acupuncture has been suggested to treat many conditions including arthritis, IBD, asthma and all types of inflammation. The way it does is by affecting the body’s ability to produce cytokines. Cytokines are proteins affecting the body’s immune response, and acupuncture increases the development of the anti-inflammatory ones while decreasing pro-inflammatory levels. According to Dr. Marcus Pai, a medical acupuncturist, it increases your blood circulation as well and thus improves natural healing. Nutrients are able to reach their destination faster, and the so-called Chi energy will be flowing throughout. And though some people may still be a skeptic – it is clear that acupuncture can be of great benefit if done by an expert and with the right methods.

The Effect Of Diet On Inflammation

Last but not least is the effect diet can have on inflammation. It is clear that sugary and greasy foods will increase the swelling and that is why you want to cut on those. On the other hand, eating a balanced diet of whole grains, nuts, fish, meat and vegetables and fruits is your best choice. There are certain foods that specifically treat inflammation like turmeric (contains anti-inflammatory curcumin); omega-3 rich food; as well as fiber-rich food. And a thing we might express once again is the importance of keeping stress away. Stress is the number one cause for numerous health conditions, and in terms, it does increase inflammation. Thus, don’t let it affect you and live a healthy and positive life!



It is clear that even the biggest fanatics will have to admit that acupuncture is probably the better way of solving inflammation than medications are. It helps you in the long term, and in combination with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress-free routine you will be sure to thrive and get that inflammation out of your way!

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